How much for level 3 0r 4

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Oct 10, 2008
our gym isn't currently charging by level, they charge by hour/wk. They don't "require" that a certain level has to attend a specific number of hr/wk. They just kind of say that a minimum of 6hrs is recommended for competitive team...

1 hr = 30/month
2 hr = 45/month
3 hr = 50/month
4 hr = 60/month
5 hr = 65/month
6 hr = 70/month
8 hr = 80/month
9 hr = 85/month
10 hr = 90/month
12 hr = 100/month

their L4, L5, L6 and L7 and up come anywhere between 6 and 9 hours during the school year and between 9 and 12 over the summer.

they do a $25 tuition fee once a year, if your child is on the team, they tack on a $25 team fee due once a year.

this seems WAY cheaper than what everyone else is paying...

I need to know where you live in case Atlanta burns down again :)

We had a similarly priced, though not flex on hours, county team but I do not think it's a viable thing right now. I hope the county rebuilds it.

All levels at my daughter's Y pay $75 a month but are limited to six hours of training a week because that is when the team has the space.


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Jun 19, 2008
united states
emorymom, I hear you! :)

we are in region 5...

since this thread is kind of old, I guess I should update my dd's gym's prices - all hours have increased by 5 whole dollars a month per hour. ;) which is still cheaper than what everyone else is paying.

they still don't force a certain number of hours for any level per se, but the are now recommending minimum of 6 hours for level 4, but most of the level 4s and 5s and 6s come 9 hours by choice. Level 7 kids are 10 hours but by choice. We are at a relatively small gym of about 350 students. (our gym has grown so much it's unbelieveable!) We have about 8-10 level 2s, 8-10 level 3s, 16 level 4s, and 7 level 5s, and about 6 level 6s, and 5 level 7s. We don't have any gymmies level 8 or up. Our gym is under new management as of 5 years ago. When the new management came in, they started pretty much from nothing, as they bought the buisness with less than 75 students total - and only 6 kids on team (all level 4s).

We love our gym - awesome program, awesome tuition...AND we are finally joining USAG! We have been doing AAU sanctions for the last couple of years that dd has been on team, and we are stoked to start USAG!
Dec 22, 2009
Our level 3 preteam pays $123.50 per month but it does include the competiotion leotard in the price (they are very nice leotards). Level 4 is $245.00 per month just for tuition. There are alot of other fees involved so a new level 4 mom said the price was crazy high.
The local YMCA competes USAG and charges $52.00 per month and goes up to level 9. My neighbor has a level nine at the YMCA and she keeps telling me to move my daughter there. HMMM?
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