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Level 3 Gymnastics

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  1. L

    Parents Level 3 - beam fear

    Hi , so I’m looking to vent but also looking for advice from veteran gym moms ! My daughter is 8yo - level 3 . She’s always had a certain level of fear on beam but has always worked through it . Last year she competed for the first time and scored ok on beam, always 9.1-9.4 . Recently her...
  2. kittykatgymnast

    WAG Level 3 Bars Question

    Does anyone know what the deduction for an extra leg swing (not quite a cast as her hips didn't leave the bar) is in level 3?
  3. M

    WAG Lvl 3 rushing routines

    Sorry this is my first post and I am unsure if I am posting in the right forum (or should be in the Gym Parents). My daughter is 6 and Level 3 Aus. Due to covid she was unable to attend any of the little comps in the Level 1/2 Development Program that she was in last year so this year as a Lvl...
  4. H

    Parents Almost 11 year old being asked to repeat Level 3

    Hello! We attend a fairly strict gym, and we love how safe they are, low injury rate etc... but my almost 11 year old daughter is being asked to repeat level 3 even though she has most of her level 4 skills. She did struggle the beginning of the season in level 3, she took a while to get her...
  5. P

    Off Topic Level 3 tuition

    I’m relatively new to the gymnastics world. DD is switching gyms. At the new gym tuition is $350/mo and the level 3s practice 9 hrs/wk. This price is substantially more than our old gym, which I understand was priced way below average. Im not sure if this is average pricing or way over priced...
  6. D

    Parents 6 year old level 3

    I have a question my daughter is 1 month into her 6th birthday and is currently competing level 3 shes had two meets so far and scored 34.85 and on her last event scored a 36. I was wondering if her scores are above average for age?
  7. C

    Parents NGA Lvl 3 vs. 4

    Hello. My daughters gym recently switched to the new NGA program and they have placed her in lvl 3 as she doesn't have a kip yet. I'm wondering what skills are allowed in lvl 3. Can she go to high bar, back walkovers or front tucks allowed off beam, r.o. backhandsprings or front tucks on floor...
  8. S

    Parents JO level 3 or Xcel?

    Good Morning. First time poster here. My 10 year old daughter just started taking gymnastics class in January. After realizing her natural ability and love for it we asked about competitive gymnastics. Unfortunately the gym we are at only invites children at a younger age. We decided to...
  9. G

    Parents Level 2 or Level 3

    Which parents have had their kids compete level 2 and 3 vs. only level 3 and up? Do you think level 2 helped them in their gymnastics career or it didn’t make a difference, did they seem more prepared having competed level 2 or they jumped into 3 or 4 with no issues.
  10. K

    Coaches Troublesome Level 3 Group

    The gym I coach at has recently decided to try the NGA competitive program as opposed to USAG. I have a group of NGA level 3 girls who mostly competed silver last year. They are older kids (avg. age is 11) and not your typical JO level 3 group. All they really want to do is learn new "cool"...
  11. O

    Parents New level 3 routines - when?

    When do the new routines for level 3 start to take effect? Fall 2021 or fall 2022? Thanks!
  12. B

    Parents Level 3 Conditioning - Too Hard?

    My daughter moved up to Level 3 in January, and she loves everything about practice and learning routines for Fall, but she is seriously struggling with conditioning. She practices 4 hours/day, 3 days per week and conditioning makes up roughly 45-60 minutes of each practice. She is regularly in...
  13. K

    WAG L3 spot on vault - deduction?

    (Hi all, I’m new here. Hopefully this will post correctly.) I’m including a link to the video of my daughter’s coach giving her a spot on her vault - The judge somehow didn’t notice the coach had spotted her, so didn’t give a deduction (score given was 8.6). Judge asked coach after if she...
  14. T

    WAG "Proficiency" definition to move from L3 to L4

    The guidance I read on the USAG website says that a requirement to move from Level 3 to Level 4 is 75% proficiency. We are pretty new to gymnastics, so can anyone tell me what that really means? Consistently landing 75% of the required skills? Or something different? Thanks!
  15. T

    Parents Skipping Level 3

    Have any of your daughters gone straight from Level 2 to Level 4? Part of me really wants my daughter to go to Level 3 and have another confident year like this year but she has consistently been at the top 1 or 2 AA with 37+. And she has all her level 3 skills especially her bars. They won't...
  16. G

    Parents Level 3 robhs lost skill

    Daughter is 10 y/o level 3. She has always been strong on tumbling. Was one of the first on her team to master robhs. Been doing this skill for a year. Has even done robhs back tuck on floor. A couple of months ago, she started having issues. She slowly started to balk after ro. She would...
  17. G

    Parents Evaluation for usag level 3 or TAAF program

    we are new to Texas. Where we lived previously my daughter was on the excel bronze team and was moved up to excel silver prior to us moving (had about two months training on the silver level). The gym we started at here in Texas didn’t have the excel program so after her evaluation they put...
  18. M

    WAG Level 3 bars

    I have the compulsory app, but I was hoping someone could clarify this. It’s a 0.2 deduction for failure to show clear stride support at the END of the shoot through.... So is the back leg allowed to contact the bar with no deduction? I know if the leg that’s doing the shooting through touches...
  19. F

    Coaches level 3 and 4 bars warmup

    hey, i am looking to revamp our bars warm up and i am just curious what you guys do for your bar warm ups, do you 3's and 4's have the same warm up? do they differ? at what level do you change your bar warm ups or if the bar warm up ever gets changed?
  20. Manauia

    Parents Level 3 broke her radius and ulna doing double bhs in practice, need advice.

    my 8 year old is a level 3 gymnast and tops. She did her first 3 competitions and did great medaled a ton and was really loving being on team...until the dreaded practice where she broke her forearm doing a double backhand spring. She is will be in cast for 6-8 weeks. She was training 12 hours a...