I just got a new level.

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So I just got moved to level 5 and can tomorrow is my first practice,
Can anyone tell me what you do in level 5, because i know that you go to the high bar, and im kind of scared because im afraid im going to fall off,
Can anyone tell me what to expect for this?
Jun 26, 2009
For jumping to high bar, it can be very scary at first. But before you know it, it starts becoming second nature. When you are about to jump, make sure that when you stand up on the bar that you give yourself a moment to collect yourself. Then you jump to where you feel the bar is, only you jump up a little bit so that way your hands land on top of the bar. After wards you just swing back and forth on the bar. You will probably have a spot, but if not trust your instincts. If every bone in your body tells you that you will smack the bar with your face, then don't grab the bar. Congratulations on making level 5!

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