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Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
The new gym we are going to go to has a scholorship program!! and it sounds like we could easilty get it. also she is willing to let us pay in installments!!
not strict about it as long as they get it all by the end of the session!! but we are picky about that stuff.
this gym just seems like they want to work with you not against you!!
that sounds so positive MGM, congrats to your fam on finding what sounds like a really great gym... Good luck & best wishes to your angels:cutie: in their new classes.
they would start the first week of Sept!!
Im just soo Happy with this gym as they seem like they care!! even the day my kids checked it out! the coaches were talking to my kids more than me!! they are what counts (yes I need to be consulted) but they seemd to gear towards the kids!! to me that shows the kids are imp!!! and the fact they will work with us on being able to pay! that sure helps!! I think its soo imp to have a pos enviornment! that makes the kids want to learn and have fun!! I also saw a lot of smiles from kids (well when they were not concentrating LOL) and the coaches were smiling as well!!
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