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Proud Parent
Jun 22, 2009
Region 6 NY to the site but i've been reading and learning. My DD is 6 yrs old and preteam here in Brooklyn USA. Weare trying to make everything work as we both go to school. she 1st Grade and Mom MBA.

I look forward to reading your post and participating in discussions. I have one question: Anybody here from the NYC area, I have seen anyone yet?:(
Feb 26, 2007
Hi there and welcome to the Chalkbucket. Balancing gym and life is often one of our topics here as it can be such a challenge.

I am from Quebec, but I'll actually br in NYC next week for a girls trip, just love that place. I may even walk the bridge as my friend hasn't done it yet!

We have at least one other member who lives in NYC and we have quite a few members who live in NY state, it is often hard to tell as not everyone has much info on their profile.
Hi there, welcome!

We are from Central NY but a quarter-century transplant from NYC, Manhattan actually. I went to BTHS and my wife grew up in Brooklyn. Our parents still live downstate.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Hi and welcome to CB, I think you will like it here. I am not from NYC, but I went to college on Long Island - or should I say Lawn Giland!
My roommate was from East NY in Brooklyn.


Welcome to CB. Balancing life and gymnastics can be a very difficult one and you will soon realize what a family commitment it is more so than just the athlete's commitment. However, being involved in this sport with your daughter will have a huge impact. Now that i'm older i realize what sacrifices my family made for me and i cannot thank them enough. Good luck with you both being in school. If you have any questions let me know or check out my new book on gymnastics: Gymnastics in a Nutshell available through PublishAmerica
Jan 17, 2008
Welcome to the ChalkBucket. One of the things I love most about this board is finding new ways to balance life & gymnastics.

I have a soon to be 14 year old Level 8 (Almost L9). I also have a 12 year old who does competitive Dance and a 5 year old little guy who loves soccer and Baseball.. by DH and I both work full time.

In my spare time I check the Chalk Bucket to make sure I am not loosing my mind! LOL


Welcome aboard. Sorry for the late reply, but I just noticed your handle from another thread and had to circle back and say hi. I'm the nyc member Bog was referring to. If you have any geographic questions please send me a PM and I'll answer anything to the best of my ability.
Not open for further replies.