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  1. M

    Parents Canadian Gym parent - Xcel vs Compulsory

    I'm sure this has been asked ad nauseum so I do apologize. My daughter is Silver Xcel, this will be her second year competing. We do like her gym, she likes her gym, but every once in a while she comes home and says things that make me question whether or not the Xcel kids get the same...
  2. G

    WAG xcel platinum vault

    what is the difference between a 1/4 on 1/4 and a 1/2 on 1/2 off?? i feel like they are so similar yet they give different start values so how do i know i’m actually doing the 1/2 on 1/2 off correctly??
  3. Gymnastics15

    Xcel Gold help

    if you're a coach or a gymnast in Xcel gold you probably know about the new rule where you can't do two back hip circles on the same bar. So, I have to compete a double back hip circle but for some reason I get so dizzy I can't connect my squat on. Help my meet season is coming up!!
  4. G

    Gymnasts Clear hip tips!! Xcel Platinum

    Hi, could i get some tips for platinum bars? I am working on clear hips and I am doing everything decently (at least i think) except i always have to tap my feet coming out of it to connect my kip. I have no clue how to fix it!! I can sometimes not tap my feet but only when my coach spots the...
  5. SlimsPickin

    WAG Points for B value skills in Xcel???

    Xcel: If a gymnast can correctly execute a B value skill (and it’s not restricted) do they get .3 points for the skill? Or is it still .1? Example a Silver gymnasts correctly executes 540 passé on floor. Does she get the B value in her score, or is there absolutely zero benefit to adding B...
  6. gymtwins

    Parents Xcel in west GTA

    Looking for feedback on west GTA gyms that offer good Xcel programs, specifically for Xcel silver.
  7. Nugtastic

    Coaches Connections for Xcel Silver

    I was wondering if a kid does the roundoff , rebounds and in their rebound they go to lace their fingers together for the backwards roll does that break connection? I’ve tried telling her that she doesn’t need to do that and i’d prefer for her not to lace her fingers for safety reasons. I don’t...
  8. A

    Anon Xcel to Optional Progression Question

    Question for gyms who compete Xcel for compulsory levels and DP Levels 6-10 for optional. How does a gymnast progress from Xcel Gold to Level 6? Do they have to score out doing DP Level 4 & 5 bar/beam/floor routines or can they score out using Xcel routines consisting of required skills? Are...
  9. G

    Gymnasts xcel platinum

    hi! so i competed gold for 2 years in a row-i was trying to do platinum last year but i got so overwhelmed with the jump that i psyched myself out and could never do half the skills. here is what i’m doing all the time in practice now, do you think i’ll be able to do platinum this year? Vault...
  10. pandaamiko

    Gymnasts Xcel platinum vault

    What vaults are available for xcel platinum? Some girls can technically flip tsuks and possibly yurchenkos but that’s apparently not aloud right? We are working on front handspring and full twist.
  11. O

    Parents Daughter is pushed from JO to excel

    My dd competed L7 in JO last season, came 3rd even after an injury. All summer she worked and did not miss any practice except one week when we had a family vacation. She even asked to stay back and keep training. This is her passion. She was all-around champion last year. She is still working...
  12. Splat

    WAG Xcel routines

    I am currently working on coming out of retirement after 5 years and multiple injuries/surgeries and wanting some imput of routines. Currently planning on competing platinum as that's what I was before retiring. Bars: kip, cast, clearhip, kip, squat on, HB kip, cast away flyaway Beam: mount...
  13. G

    WAG Xcel Platinum

    Could you please let me know if these routines meet the requirements for xcel platinum and if not could you let me know what the start value would be! Vault: 1/4 on 1/4 off OR COULD SHE DO TSUK ENTRY ONTO MAT STACK? (like the level 6/7 vault) Bars: Kip cast back hip circle, squat on, toe...
  14. gymnast.12

    WAG Are these ok for xcel gold?

    Floor: Round off backhandspring Front hand spring round off Full turn Split leap tuck jump Beam: Cartwheel Handstand Full turn Split jump straight jump Back tuck dismount Vault: Half on Bars: Kip Double back hip circle squat on tap swing half turn dismount
  15. P

    WAG New Xcel Dismount Tap Swing 1/2 1/2

    Does anyone have a video of what this would look like? DD is doing well and is working for platinum but doesn’t have a bar dismount yet (maybe a flyaway, but it’ll take time). She competed tap swing half turn last year for gold and it sounds like something she would find easy. Any advice on the...
  16. D


    I am currently training as a xcel gold in summer training and competed xcel silver last season. I'd really like to move up to xcel gold and do well. These are my skills. Bars: Pullover Back hipcircle frount hipcircle squat on jump to high bar tap swing quarter turn dismount Beam: handstand...
  17. B

    WAG What are the Xcel Platinum Bars Requirements???

    So last season I competed Gold for a second time, and I'm pretty hopeful that I will be able to go to Platinum this year. I'm pretty close to having all my skills, most of my newer skills that I got for Platinum do need to be cleaned up a little, but I can do them pretty decently, I think. I...
  18. N

    Coaches Xcel Gold Bar Routine

    Would a Kip, cast, double back hip circle, squat on, tap swing, tap swing flyaway fit all the requirements for xcel gold?
  19. D

    WAG Xcel Gold

    Hello ChalkBucket Community, Im going to be competing Xcel gold this season and this will be my second season competing. Id really like to have high scores and make it to regionals. If anybody has any suggestions on how i can get better, improve my scores, and...
  20. D

    WAG Xcel gold

    So I’m going to be competing xcel gold and I cant make my front tuck is there anything else I can do