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nasticsISlove 72

my gym is really hot!:mad: we dont have AC's all we have is fans. i sweat wicked easily, and its really discusting. within the first ten minutes of running and the kicks we do, i am already basicly, completely wet :( is there anything you know of to help stop sweat? :confused:
Sweat is your body's natural cooling system, so I'm not sure there is really anything you can do to stop it, anything that's healthy at least. I know how you feel about hot gyms--I grew up in a gym that had no AC, so we just turned on the ceiling fans and we had huge warehouse style box fans all around the gym. A lot of times it would be over 100 in the gym--it was nasty. The best thing to do is keep getting drink breaks, and you can always put chalk on your feet (to keep from slipping off beam) or your legs (if you're tumbling and trying to grab your legs).
Nastics, you can't stop sweating and you don't want to. Hammy is correct that sweating is your body's way of cooling off. Now if you notice that you aren't sweating and it is very hot you should stop any physical activity and get some medical help---that is classic heat exhaustion.

Only thing I can advise is drink lots of liquids although not ice cold(can cause stomach cramps). Don't wait and just drink in the gym. Drink liquids all day whether or not you have practice. While I'm not a fan of the sports drinks, if you are sweating that much, try some with electrolytes since your levels can drop in hot weather. Soda is a no no----won't help with anything.
Hot gym

You can't stop the sweat but you can help absorb it. I know it is not the sweating thing that is bothering you. Itis the teanage girl OMG what is eveyrbody else thinking syndrome. To help you keep cooler flip your leo inside out roll it in baby powder{preferably a deodrant or cornstrach type brand} flip in on the right side for the next day and put it on. The power will help absorb the wetness from the sweat w/o dehydrating you. You can also carry a trial size in your gym bag to freshen up when needed. Stay away from any perfume laced powers. let us know if it helps...
I do feel for you! I guess I shouldn't tell you that it didn't get over 60 here today and the forcast says the high for the week is 70!

On the rare times that the gym is warm, my dd swears by Anti Monkey Butt powder. I am not sure if it is for the name or not!:) It is the same idea as the baby powder, but I think it also has a cooling effect.
thanks for the advice. ill try some of them out. :D and yeah i shouldnt have said "stop the sweat" i should have said reduce it.
my daughter's gym doesn't have a/c either and in KC area it has been in the 100s for 2 weeks straight which meant the gym was hotter...
I just had Emily take a towel and 2 bottles of water with her.
Their coach gives them lots of chances for water and wiping off..
The girls are dripping when they are done.
It's been really hot in our gym lately so our coach let us roll our leos down to our waist and wear sports bras with a tank top over. That way your not showing to much skin but it keeps you much cooler than a leo. So maybe talk to your coach about letting you do that and trust me its worth it. =]
My gym gets really hot in the summer. We have no a/c (just cieling fans) and a whole wall of windows that face south. There is actually a threshold (around 27C or 80F) where if the outside temperature is below it, the gym is only mildly hot, and if it's warmer than that the gym is unbearable (and this is from someone who was only coaching, I can't imagine what it would have been like if I was training).
Well of course it's quite hot around here at the moment because it is the middle of summer. Most of our girls wear a crop top and bike pants to training in the summer (and it is summer 12 months a year here). But if you are swaeting a lot you might feel more comfortable wearing something that covers your stomach and back because once you sweat you will get all sorts of things sticking to your skin.

On really hot days I have always taken two changes of clothes. Train for a couple of hours in one leo and then quickly get changed for the next few hours. Of course it will depend on how long you train. If you are only training for 2-3 hours this would be unnessesary. But if you are training longer then it really does help.
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