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First let me say that spring of 2006 I hurt my left knee during a soccer game, and it has been hurting ever since. We got it checked out a couple of months ago, and they said that is was nothing. On Monday [Nov, 19] we went to go see an orthopedic or whatever it’s called. They think that I have a type of tendonitis in it. Also when we were there my dad brought up how I have been having, what we think is shin splints, in my left shin. So they checked that out and they think that I have a strained fracture in my tibia bone. So I am getting an MRI on Monday the 26. They said that I might not be able to compete vault and/or floor in my next weekend competition [which is my first meet of level 5]

If they tell me I can’t compete vault for a while, would that ruin my chances of making it to winter or spring states?

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Dec 23, 2006
I believe to qualify to states anywhere, there is an AA score you must get. The score varies from state to state. So, if you have to sit out 1 event, that means you would not be able to qualify. At this point, take it 1 step at a time. Get the MRI and then go back and see what the orthopedic doctor says. I would be concerned if you have a stress fracture in your lower leg since they won't heal if you don't rest it. The tendinitis will go away with some rest, PT, ice and anti-inflamatories.

Lets hope the doctor was giving you the worst case scenario. Keep us all updated!


someitmes if a gymnast is injured for the season theres ways the coach can petition them into states. hopefully its not as bad as it seems.


To go to states as a level 5, depending on the state, I believe you must score a certain score to go to a sectionals or districts meet. Then, at the sectionals/districts meet you must either score a certain score (AA) or place within a certain percentile to advance to states. What you could do is practice everything except vault and tumbling then the week of the week (or a few days before the meet) practice vault and tumbling then compete all events at the meet--Just to score the AA needed. In order to be petitioned into states the gymnast must have either scored the AA needed at least twice (I believe) or they must have made state at the same level the year before.

All in all, i wouldn't be worried about missing 1 or 2 meets. Just be sure to rest up and let it heal.
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