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  1. GymDadWA

    WAG Flipping vault with a tighter tuck

    Any coaches have drills or cues they use to get a gymnast to tuck tighter when flipping Yurchenko Vaults? Guessing it's a timing/technique thing but DD just doesn't rotate fast enough and lands chest down or falling onto her knees. Watching her in slow motion she has her head back. Coach was...
  2. G

    WAG Platinum vault

    In USAG platinum, do you have to actually land the vault or do you do a timer like the level 6 vault? Asking because in most YouTube videos, gymnasts are actually landing vaults but I've only been doing mine up to a mat stack...
  3. G

    WAG xcel platinum vault

    what is the difference between a 1/4 on 1/4 and a 1/2 on 1/2 off?? i feel like they are so similar yet they give different start values so how do i know i’m actually doing the 1/2 on 1/2 off correctly??
  4. M

    Parents Vault into pit?

    This is just a curiosity question really.. when you see a gymnast on instagram/youtube/etc that is doing a yurchenko full or 1.5 into a pit (and they are just learning the vault), how close is that to landing a vault onto a mat? You know the ones where they say "Got my 1.5 today!!" but it's into...
  5. G

    Coaches Normal amount of reps per week for Yurchenko vaults?

    Just curious, from a coaches perspective... What's your ideal number of reps an optional gymnast competing level 7 and 8 should be getting in per week doing the Yurchenko vault? I know it can be hard on gymnasts bodies, so is there a max number of reps you like to limit it to? Do you ramp up...
  6. R

    WAG Can a cuervo be done as a l9 vault?

    DD is now going back and forth between training a tsuk layout and a cuervo, but she can't find the cuervo listed in the L9 vault chart. Her coach really wants her to work on and compete that vault, but she isn't sure it's something she can compete in 9. Anyone have insight?
  7. A

    Anon Vault height

    Question, my son was super excited about his vault settings changing. It seems like they are quite drastic, but maybe it’s normal for his age and level? I know everyone has different settings. He’s 11 and level 8. He’s been vaulting with the table at 125 and using 6 springs. Today it just...
  8. Soaring

    Coaches Trouble Raising and Lowering Vault Table

    For context I help run my college's club gymnastics team. We are a new team. We have been having difficulties with raising and lowering our vault tables. They are the same ones that the varsity team uses, but we are under the impression that they don't really change the settings often if at all...
  9. pandaamiko

    Gymnasts Xcel platinum vault

    What vaults are available for xcel platinum? Some girls can technically flip tsuks and possibly yurchenkos but that’s apparently not aloud right? We are working on front handspring and full twist.
  10. leighselrayne

    WAG Vaults getting worse?

    So I've always been a good vaulter apparently and I've been doing half-on-fulls and tsuks into the pit but recently I've been lacking for some reason. I used to be able to reach far on the table and have a fast heel drive but it's getting slower and my hands are at the front of the table. My...
  11. L

    Parents Bent Legs on Vault

    Hi - Can anyone offer any advice for my daughter - she has bent legs on the vault and she is very frustrated as she cant stop it. It is causing a lot of frustration between her and her coach which is not helping her progress. Any advice on what I can do to help please
  12. Chocolate_Chip

    Parents Short vault runway?

    My DD is currently training for level 5/6. We went to an open gym out of state while visiting family, and she mentioned how she liked having more space to run before vaulting. She goes to a small gym and the vault runway is definitely on the shorter side compared to other gyms. Does anyone...
  13. Z

    WAG Front handspring vault help!!

    Can someone help me with my front hand spring vault?? I’m SUPER pikey and my coaches have given me every heel drive drill and it’s still horrible and pikey. Can someone please help me fist my pikey vault!!my coachs are annoying bc I’m not doing it right. So please help!
  14. leighselrayne

    WAG kips, tsuks and half on half off front tuck vaults?

    in practice i work on high bar/low bar kips, tsuks and half on half off front tuck vaults (anyone know what those are called?) and I'm struggling with some so i would appreciate some advice! kips: I've been working on kips for a few months now and I know its getting better and I'm literally at...
  15. F

    WAG FHS Vault over table

    When I do a FHS vault over the table, sometimes my arms are bent when I land on the table, so my block off isn't as good. How can I fix this and make my post flight better?
  16. L

    WAG No progress on vault

    Vault is by far my worst event, I'm training level 10 but my vault is not up to level. I have been training tsuk layouts for over a year now and they have not improved at all. I then switched to tsuk tuck full for a couple months and it was going quite well but me and my coach decided it would...
  17. G

    Parents Struggling with vault

    Does anyone have advice or experience with a child who did not have a powerful jump/spring/punch and learned it later? Did it just click at some point? My daughter is 6 and has been on preteam for about 6 months and does not seem to be improving at near the rate she was prior to preteam on any...
  18. A

    Off Topic Pole vault cps gymnastics

    Today is April 19th 2023, and it’s been exactly a year since the last time I have been in a gymnastics gym. (I am a freshmen in high school) Today my mom told me my old gym is starting an excel team, and if I can get my giant back in the next few weeks, I’ll be able to do diamond (the coach...
  19. A

    WAG Regressing on Vault

    Hi, my daughter is competing Xcel Bronze and started the season with a fairly good handstand flatback but as the season has worn on her performance and scores have regressed. She used to hit the handstand fine, with some piking of the legs, but nice strong arms and mostly straight fall. Now she...
  20. G

    Anon Level 6 Vault scoring and drills to improve?

    I've noticed level 6 vault scoring has been VERY low scoring all season across all teams in So Cal... no matter what vault is done, Yurchenko, Tsuak, or Front Handspring. I'd say 95% of gymnasts are getting 9.1 or lower with a few outliers getting 9.2-9.3s. (maybe a flukey 9.5). This is...