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I was just wondering if anyone had read that book and had any interesting thoughts on it.
Gymbabi and I both read it. I kinda felt like the author went way out of her way to portray gymnastics as a dangerous sport, Bela as a monster and parents of elite gymnasts as idiots. I mean, you must be crazy to allow your child to come back to a sport after a succession of injuries. On the other hand, it is good to be aware of some of the pitfalls. Also, I think things have and still are improving since that book looked at the sport. I think most parents are more aware of what they are exposing thier kids to.
I defintitely agree that the book was a little too...planned and that things have come such a long way since it was written;especially with laws about dropping out of school and coaching certification. It was a very intruiging novel I found out about from a random search at the library.
^^It's a very good idea to read the book, but you absolutely can't loose sight of the fact that so many of the rules and regulations have been drastically changed since the book was written.
I read this book as a teenager and liked it. I would like to read the book with my daughter when she is a bit older as I think she will like it!

Does anyone know of any other books that are about reality gymnastics??
no, sorry. I have thought about trying to find one that is more about the average gymnast. It would be very ineteresting, I think.
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