Make It or Break It --- ABC Family --- June 22nd 9/8c

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I don't know if the story is "better" just your typical teen drama crossed with desprate Housewives to me.

Wish they didn't play it up as a "gymnastic" show because it is anything but that.

I've noticed that all the ABC Family shows lately are "teen dramas" and alot of teen sex and poor decisions pushed too. Really wish they would be more true to life because teens although moody aren't all about that.
Yes, i agree with crashandburn, it is seeming to get better, but there isn't as much gymnastics in it anymore. But i guess this was made to attract everyone to watch it (or the teens anyways). If they made it about a real gym club, like a documentary, only gymnasts would watch it...or at least i would :)
To be honest the gym moves suck (come on...they're going for nationals? I could do those moves (could've rather) EASILY...without blinking an eyelash!) it's all superficial and un-realistic but I love the drama because I am very much a teenybopper and it is rare to find a show with enough drama to satisfy me :) There are only two other such shows The Secret Life of the American Teeanger (my fav) and The Hills
I think we all know here that the gymnastics sucks. Hahah, but I watched the second episode today and the acting got a little better. I won't be watching this. Stick it did a good job of atleast making the girls look like gymnasts. I tried giving this show a chance, but the negativity and unrealistic aspect in this is unbelievable, I won't be supporting that.
i was definately not impressed.
1. the language was terrible
2. none of that is realistic. i mean the girl busting on her neck and vaulting again? come on.
3. if that's what elite almost-olympics is, then im going to london in 2014.
4. the drama is stupid
apparently, the person who wrote this had researched this sport very little. they said the girl made up a new vault... correct me if im wrong... but it looked like a tsukahara to me. and flyaways? single flyaways? single gainers on beam? hand spring hand spring layout on beam? thats like, level 8 or 9. pretty far from elite. oh yeah - and if you move your board back five inches, your NOT gonna bust.
oh yeah - and if you move your board back five inches, your NOT gonna bust.

I would. :p

Seriously, move it an inch and I'll notice. I am SO paranoid about where the board is. Haha.

Back on topic... I really liked the episode tonight. I feel like it's getting better every time. I'm slowly becoming addicted. :p
Uhmm the olympic's are 2012 haha. And I think its gotten better, and they do have gymnastics in it I mean the new coach making them condition and clean all the mats. But if you think about MOST people arent that into gymnastics and wouldnt watch the show if it were only about gymnastics. But I think that I shows good points like how kaylie kinda just wants to be normal and wants to party like every other girl. And then peyton is the protected girl who only cares about and wants to do gymnastics. So I really dont think this show is all that bad, but yes the first episode sucked. But I think they are getting better.
but yes the first episode sucked. But I think they are getting better.

I wholeheartedly disagree. I just got caught up with episode 3 last night. It's the worst one thus far. It's so run-of-the-mill teeny bopping drama. It was full of nothing but predictable story lines, huge holes, bad acting and unrealistic situations. I mentioned its similarity to Deperate Housewives. Boy, was I wrong about that with this episode. And, the unnecessary reference to sex and drinks in the classless and trivial manner. It is so episode 1 and 2 wasn't. It is what I was afraid the show would head towards. I will watch the 4th and 5th. If they resemble anything like episode 3, I'll walk.

As I defended the show before, I'm willing to put up with the fictional drama and unrealistic gymnastics scenes as I thought the first two episodes were somewhat refreshingly and cleverly done. But, I have no patience for crap TV if the trend keeps up.
This show is really growing on me! I am becomeing somewhat addicted to watching it! They look like they really love what they do, and i really admire Payson. I can't wait until next week! (but then again, i am 14, so i love teen drama :))
I sorta like the show. I think it gets better every week. But I do think it talks about things that don't really have anything to do with gymnastics. I'll keep waching though.
It's your standard teen drama. VERY predictable. I am still watching hoping it will get better but I don't think its happening. There is hardly any gymnastics what so ever in this. Most of the "drama" is unrealistic. Ok they all supposedly aired out their issues and the previews for next week seem to have them back stabbing eachother again. Sheesh pick a story and stick with it.

I know my 12yo after seeing this for the 3rd week turns to me and says isn't this supposed to be about gymnastics? I don't think that there is any gymnastics in this show.
Smart Kid!!
Like I said, no one is going to watch it if it was really only about gymnasticssss. So yeahh its a teen drama, its the only way they can keep the show on. But hey at least it kinda has something to do with gymnastics, but I think if it werent about gymnastics then I wouldnt watch it. And they are just getting started so once it gets around the nationals time it might be more about gymnastics again.
So yeahh its a teen drama, its the only way they can keep the show on.
Did I hear myself saying that same thing a couple of weeks ago when everyone else here was bashing the show for being unrealistic for a gymnastics show. I am not a female nor a teenager, so I'll ask this... Yes, it's a teenage drama. But, does it have to be stupid to be good teenage drama? Even in comic books, there is good comics and there is bad comics. Then again, I was never into comic books either. Nevermind!
Not that my opinion matters...

I watched Episode 4 yesterday. It appears that the show is heading in the right direction again. I liked the way it used the show's trendy "charm" to send messages on drinking and abstinence. I just wish that it potentially sent just the opposite messages in Episode 3. (not everyone watches all subsequent episodes) Also, the resentment, denial and lying for the purpose of face saving are very real amongst teenagers and were played out well. Also, the "mature" scenes were there but they weren't overly tastelessly and annoyingly done -- although still probably not very suitable for really young kids. I also like the few somewhat witty humorous segments.

Now, with that said, I hated the last scene where the girls were splashing soapy water onto the mats and the floor. Who does that, especially with leos (not cheap mind you) on and just got done with mopping? Alright, I'll overlook that scene.

All in all, a far better show than #3.
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I had some mixed feelings on this show. Some of it seemed very unrealistic and downright dangerous. First of all, if a gymnast took a fall like that on the vault, she would be at the emergency room immediately and there is NO WAY anyone would let her vault without first being checked out by a doctor. I don't care if she can walk and move all her limbs, she still NEEDS to be checked out by a doctor. You could see that she landed on her head and neck--VERY dangerous to play around with that kind of injury.

The way that the coach up and left and took half the gym with him--this is unfortunatley way too common--this happened at my dds gym right before States with a slightly different scenario but nonetheless, it left a lot of parents and gymnasts, angry, sad, devestated, and bewildered. So, I could totally relate to this part of the show.

I LOVED the attitude of the little sister and how she said "Nationals? I think I'll leave that for sis, I think I'll just have fun."

I will continue to watch the show and see how it plays out.
I dont know why thay dont show the good side its just about eating disorders i still watch it because its gymnastics lol. if you dont get what im saying i am British sorry !!!! :S
SO like any typical American teenage soap sex is baaaad, but drugs and bulimia are just background noise, That really irritated me. Sending out the wrong message is worse than sending out no message.

If you want to have teens think responsibly about sex then educate them, do not bombard them with mixed messages.

Paysen's reaction to Lauren's losing her virginity was ridiculous, it could have been written so much better.

The writers need a reality check.
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