Make It or Break It --- ABC Family --- June 22nd 9/8c

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I have added a tonight and vote.
I had some mixed feelings on this show. Some of it seemed very unrealistic and downright dangerous. First of all, if a gymnast took a fall like that on the vault, she would be at the emergency room immediately and there is NO WAY anyone would let her vault without first being checked out by a doctor. I don't care if she can walk and move all her limbs, she still NEEDS to be checked out by a doctor. You could see that she landed on her head and neck--VERY dangerous to play around with that kind of injury.

The way that the coach up and left and took half the gym with him--this is unfortunatley way too common--this happened at my dds gym right before States with a slightly different scenario but nonetheless, it left a lot of parents and gymnasts, angry, sad, devestated, and bewildered. So, I could totally relate to this part of the show.

I LOVED the attitude of the little sister and how she said "Nationals? I think I'll leave that for sis, I think I'll just have fun."

I will continue to watch the show and see how it plays out.
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I agree MdGymMom01,
I thought the first show was sending wrong messages. I was disappointed with it. Also, the routines weren't very realistic for the girls to be trying to qualify for Nationals. I don't believe I'll be following this series much if at all. :(
Meh. Mixed feelings. I voted silver. It was good, just some things kind of bothered me. Like really, the one girl that threw up in the bathroom. Really now? That did not bode well with me. And of course some things were just unrealistic, but it's a TV show... what are you gonna do. :p I'll keep watching, I guess. :)
I voted bronze. I really didn't love the show. The gymnastics aspect was VERY unrealistic, and I didn't love the acting either. I might follow a few more episodes, but I'm not sure. I really do hope it gets better as the shows go on.
I went into this expecting it to be yet another generic badly written and badly acted teen drama, most likely produced entirely by people who have never been to a gymnastics meet in their entire lives.

My expectations were not disappointed.
I agree with just about everyone. I did not like the way it focused on the negative points of gymnastics---eating disorders, harsh rules and cattiness. I also did not care for the sabotaging aspect of the competition. Yes there were girls who were trying to be positive, it seemed to me that the negatives were winning.

I will not be letting my dd (12) watch it. After training 36 hours a week in the gym, this might be a bit too much gymnastics---especially when we try so hard to de-emphasize the negative aspects. So combined with the fact that the gymnastics is a bit unrealistic and I feel the content matter is not something I want her to spend her time watching--she will not be watching.

I do understand why all of the drama is there. It is, after all, a teen drama show and it has to appeal to the masses. I don't think many people would want to watch weeks of gymnastics practice, competition and drama...:) It will be interesting to see if does well.
It shows the sport in a negative light. I saw half of it, then I decided not to watch anymore. At least it's a bit of gymnastics on tv.
I watched it with my daughter. I talked to her first about how it wasn't real, like most TV shows, how they were going to bring out all the bad stuff about gymnastics and girls. I was right. It did bring up some topics about how you would really treat a new girl to the gym, how important cheering for your teammates is and also how there is no need to be jealous of others that do well. I felt she had some great conversation with me about those subjects and it was fun to talk to her about it. Even at 6, she noticed all the mistakes about gymnastics, especially at the meet.

We won't be watching again. I really feel they went WAY too teen drama and didn't focus on how truly hard these girls work, what gymnastics is really like, etc. They are going way overboard and I would rather do something else than watch it. I am sure plenty of teen girls, especially non-gymmies will watch it. Hope it doesn't put gymnastics more into the negative.
I didnt like the bathroom scene either. But it is a tv show, the drama is what they are going for more that reality I guess. I'm sure most of the shows on tv arent very realistic..look at some shows The Mentalist.. how realistic is that? The Hills...awful! It's just for entertainment. I think thats more of what they were shooting for the drama of it, not so much reality. That's just my opinion, I voted silver.
I have to wonder...was that second vault just a tsuk tuck? Looked like it to me! And these girls are trying to get into Nationals and gain a spot in the Olympics? That is about as unrealistic as it gets. The only good thing is that it makes my daughter look really good because her tsuk blows that one away.
I had really mixed feelings about it. There seemed to be way too much going on for the first episode. From a production aspect, the content was overwhelming, and I think they should have slowed it down a bit. And really? A girl showing up the day before the qualifying meet, never training in that gym before, and being allowed to compete? I don't think that would EVER happen.

However, I enjoyed seeing gymnastics on TV, no matter how unrealistic it was. I think I'm giving it a silver, and hoping to all the gymnastics gods out there that it gets better for next week. I'm an optimist.
I have to wonder...was that second vault just a tsuk tuck? Looked like it to me! And these girls are trying to get into Nationals and gain a spot in the Olympics? That is about as unrealistic as it gets. The only good thing is that it makes my daughter look really good because her tsuk blows that one away.

Yes it was. My gymmie jumped up and commented that all she did was a tucked tsuk and the form was terrible. Also the "gym" didn't even resemble a real gym. Overall, the gymnastics was pretty bad, the acting was stereotyped---rich/spoiled kid, poor/hardworking kid etc. I don't know if my gymmie will watch it again.

I was very underwhelmed in the whole show.
Yes, my daughter will continue to follow the show, along with many others because it's trash teenage drama. And teenagers love that kind of thing whether it's gymnastics or regular old high school life like in American Teenager. Speaking of that show...I hate, hate hate it! Too much sex and trashiness and they make it sound normal. I believe that show will create more teenage pregnancies. I told dd last night that they should have made the lead character Amy look like a **** because then no one would want to be like her. They made her a pretty, smart, eloquent, very likable, sensable girl that of course viewers will want to emulate. To make matters worse, they made the parents out to be very supporting and understanding like....there will be no consequences for behavior like that. If it were me, I would not have taken it the way Amy's parents did. I would be very angry and our whole family would need counseling to get through it. Not only that but I would probably go to jail because I would castrate the boy! We can do without teenage drama like this on tv; teenagers have way too many distractions as it is.
It didn't appear on Canadian tv, even though we had seen the preview. SO I didn't vote. Maybe it will pop up on youtube and then I'll let you know.
The show kind of seems like a crummy rip-off of Stick It, in that it's got the newcomer, inconsistent star (Emily=Hayleigh), and the whiny, totally "awesome" antagonist (Lauren=JoAnn), and then some random girls who aren't sure where to stand. I'm going to give it another chance next week, because sometimes the pilots aren't as good as the rest of the series. If that doesn't work, I'll be flipping (pun intended) to Jon and Kate Plus 8 and see what kind of drama I can find there.
I think the show was ok. I mean it really wasn't relistic gymnastics skills wise. I think they focused too much on the dramatic aspect of the show rather than the actual gymnastics part.
The skills were compelelty unrealistic for that level. A tucked flyaway? Really now?

Do they really take off 2 full points for a fall?

And even if you were off on vault you would just pretend the vault was still there, you would try to reach for it and end up with a really low angle.

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