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Men's Artistic Gymnastics
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Aug 1, 2010
So after our long, fun weekend we finally had J's big meet. I did try everything in my power to give him a calm Saturday night and early to bed but... did not realize what a party hotel we were staying at. So Sunday morning came way too fast! Rough start on floor - scores seemed very low - but pretty clean. Pommel - he finally tried his flairs (big surprise to me!) but fell after one. Proud of him for going for it - he's had them for months. But his pommel swings were higher and cleaner than ever! Rings and vault were about normal. Then - he hit his best routines ever on pbars and high bar - 11's on both! He came home with 4 medals - huge improvement from last year. And most importantly - he smiled a few times! After some routines and on the podium - a couple were even real ones. Two more meets to go and then its over for the year. I had my son video this one - so if shaky video doesn't bother you - pm if you want to see it.
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