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Sep 3, 2005
My wife and I have been having a lot of fun taking our daughter to her Lil' Hoppers (mommy/daddy & me) class. At first my with was going with her and I would sit upstairs and drink coffee. Now my wife is 8 months pregnant so I take Maggie out on the floor. Our club has 2 we decided to take her to the one that we don't work at (nobody knows us there).

I just wanted to say...what great fun it is to be a parent. I never really new what a great service all of the gyms out there provided until I got the chance to do it as a parent. As the Director, I'm always worried about the business of gymnastics. I look forward to a future of drinking coffee and watching my daughter (soon to be daughters).:D


Being a parent is loads of fun, though a lot of hard work too. One of the most fun things, by far, is watching your children succeed at something - whether it is sports or school. Do you think you'll coach your girls when they get older? Or would that be too hard do you think? I have some friends who are teachers and don't like having their own kids in the class. Enjoy this time while your kids are babies - it passes very quickly. :)
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