Moving to Vermont..sorry for the long post

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Feb 20, 2012

My daughter is almost 9, and a going into her second year as a level 4. We are most likely moving to Vermont for a wonderful job opportunity, and I am looking for a new gym in VT. We will be living near Stowe, in Hardwick VT, and I have been looking for gyms in the area, and there aren't any! Well, not within biking distance like we have now. I am wondering if there is anyone from VT here that may be able to give me any insight.

What I know:
1. We will be get anywhere. My daughter will most likely go to the Catholic school in Morrisville, which would lend itself to continuing on to the Burlington area for gym.

2. The closest gym is in St. Johnsbury, 30 minutes away. I have concerns because the gym appears to be newer and less established, and it seems that the head coach has moved quite a bit in the last few years. This last move seemed to be to open this gym, but it does make me nervous. There is a Catholic school also in St. Johnsbury, but it seems to have undergone some changes in the last two years that have made it less desirable.

3. If we choose the school in Morrisville, we are closer to the Burlington area, which is where the majority of the gyms in the state are. There are three main choices there. All have done well in previous state meets. The first had a lot of gymnasts placing high at states, but doesn't have a website, so I don't know much about them. The second has a beautiful new facility, and has placed well. The third has a nice facility and has by far the most gymnasts in the higher levels.

I am planning on setting up meetings with all three gyms (and both schools) this week. I am fairly certain about the school in Morrisville, and will most likely be driving to Burlington area for gym. My husband has an office in Williston and will be traveling there regularly, so we may be able to combine some trips.

If anyone has any insight on the area, or any advice on switching gyms and states, I would welcome it. Thank you

P.S. My husband and I both come from Western NY, in areas that get snow and temperatures that are equivilant to VT. It is going to be a change for my daughter moving from the city to a much slower pace, but that is one of the benefits of the move in my opinion. What is the benefit of living within minutes of everything if you are so busy that you never stop to enjoy it?
I don't have any insight on the specific area, but we also live rural, and have long drives anywhere (to the gym, to a walmart, even to a McDonald's). The important thing to me is that you are willing to take your kids places. I know too many people who live in the country and say "well, our kids can't do any sports/extracurriculars/whatever because we would have to drive". If it is a financial issue that is understandable but it also a big reason why people who grow up here, never leave or aspire to have better paying jobs or new opportunities. I grew up here (except for college) and I came back here because I love living in the country but I want my kids to have the opportunity, ambition, and ability to do anything they want in life. And so, we drive...all over the countryside
Hi Flippysmom -

I'm in VT and have coached here for 7 years. not currently coaching, but I am happy to fill you in on the gyms in question. Can we do private messages here?

My quick reply - I like Green Mountain Gymnastics the best of the three you mention (which I am pretty sure is gym #3 in your post). I didn't coach there (different part of the state) but each competition season, what stood out to me was: how happy and supportive the gymnasts there are towards each other, the number of seniors and other high schoolers on their team and the number of level 8 & 9's they have. Also, they seem to have less injuries than some of the other gyms. This is a small thing, but they also have really nice leos. :) PM me if you want more details.
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@Leoaddictsmom-I agree completely! I have no problem driving so that dd has what she needs. The move will put us in a great place financially and allow us to travel when we want to. The difference will be that we will live in a peaceful place and travel to the city, instead of living in the city and traveling for peace and quiet!

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