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Jan 2, 2009
I thought this was pretty funny. We were at a fourth of July party, and this little boy who was about 7, maybe 8 was being a real pill. He was trying to engage my 9 YO in a sword fight with badminton rackets, and then he hit my little 5 YO boy and he was terrorizing some other kids too. So DH walked up to him and said "come here, son" The kid was obviously nervous.
"you see that girl over there?" DH said, pointing to DD
"She can take you!"
"No she can't!"
At this point DH starts calling her over and the boy tries to get away, so DH tells her to do a few flips. She does this round off 4BHS across the grass. The kid ran off. I think he thought she has some crazy ninja skills. He didn't bother anyone for the rest of the night!



Awesome. Apparently that kid is afraid of the Pink Power Ranger. :p


Hilarious! And of course, she totally could have taken him if he'd stuck around to find out! :D
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