My Worst Meet (L5)

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Well, I had a sort of bad meet. Everyone was scoring really low on vault and that kind of threw me off, and then my hands were slipping all over the place on bars, and my rhythm was really bad on my cartwheel...and floor was fine. So I got a 34.2 AA compared to 35.775 at the last meet. However, I got 2nd place AA, so maybe it wasn't so bad. I just really need to BRING IT at the next meet - in a couple weeks! My coach said she was really proud of me because not only did I do well, I also worked through my nerves.

So it's the old make 15-in-a-row or make 25-not-in-a-row cartwheels for me on Tuesday. I can't wait! I just need to get my rhythm consistent! Even with the fall I got 8.45, so not that bad.


You still got second place, so I wouldn't worry too much. We all have bad days at whatever we do. Keep trying and promise yourself that next meet will be better :)
May 17, 2009
oh man, you call that a bad meet? well here's my level 6 state comp.: first was bars and i fell on my squat on AND my long hang kip! Next beam, i fall. Floor, low back tuck. And vault, well, i guess vault wasn't so bad. now THAT'S what you would call the worst meet of my entire life!
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