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Level 5 Gymnastics

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  1. JBS

    Parents No score out for level 5?

    Great news... Level 5 is no longer required if you score two 36's at Level 4. See the exact details in the following link... https://static.usagym.org/PDFs/Women/Committee%20Minutes/NDPC/ndpc_051523.pdf What do you think... join in the conversation below!
  2. A

    Anon Why don't some gyms compete Level 5?

    I've noticed that some gyms in So Cal don't compete level 5 at all. (Wildfire and Azarian specifically). They will usually repeat an over-prepared Level 4 gymnast rather than compete them in 5, and then make the jump from 4-6 in the spring. It's usually successful strategy and gives them a lot...
  3. G

    WAG Level 5 vs Level 6 bars

    Can you do the level 5 bar routine with a cast to 45 above horizontal for level 6? I feel like it fulfills all the requirements..? (This is hypothetical, I'm not in that level yet, just curious)
  4. J

    WAG Level 5 vs. 6

    Can someone point out some differences in level 5 vs. 6 besides the obvious 5 is compulsory and 6 optional? Are there skills needed for 6 that aren’t required for 5? Additionally curious to hear if your gym competes 5, 6, or both and how they make determinations on placement between these...
  5. F

    WAG Vault table Level 5 2022 height

    I saw a lot of old posts about minimum vault table height for Level 5 but nothing updated. My daughter is 9, short, super petite. She is now vaulting with a practice squad of girls who are 11+ and is having trouble getting over the table. She says the table is too high and her coach won’t lower...
  6. G

    WAG Mobility Score Pre-requisite Level 5

    Gymnast has not met USAG minimum 34AA in level 4 yet they advance and compete level 5. What consequences are there if/when SAC or USAG identify this has happened?
  7. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG Level 5 full turn - what makes it count?

    So my kiddo is supposed to score out in May, and beam... beam and her are not friends. Unsurprisingly, the full turn is going terribly. At what point does the full turn actually count as the full turn and not a missing skill if she falls? I.e does her body and turning foot just need to be fully...
  8. K

    Parents Bar deduction L5

    Hi, Does anyone know what the deduction is for JO L5 for an extra cast before the squat on? My daughter falls a lot if she doesn't take a quick cast after the push away kip when doing the squat on to the high bar.
  9. tooL62as

    WAG Is it hard to go from level 5 to 7?

    I know going from Level 5to 7 is a jump, but how hard is it. I know someone who is thinking of moving up next season. Also what are the skill values and skills that should be in it?
  10. adult?gymnast

    WAG Old (2003ish) USAG Level 5 Floor music?

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone would know where to find or perhaps has a copy and would kindly share the USAG Level 5 compulsory floor music prior to 2005? My teammate (we are college club gymnasts) was looking for it and could not find it online or on YouTube. Thanks!
  11. G

    WAG Level 5 Bars/Connections/etc

    Hello everyone, I am currently a level 5 gymnast who is going into level 6 shortly. I’ve competed for a year, and have connected everything except my squat on to the clear hip kip. Also, lately I can’t connect anything to my kip, which is becoming more bent! I’m strong, have good flexibility...
  12. Avasmom

    Parents Level 5 Questions

    My daughter will be competing level 5 in September. I have read on CB the scoring is really tough in level 5. Her coach requires them to get a 35 at one meet and then at state which is in December to move up. Her coach feels like level 5 is really valuable. While I was hoping she would do level...
  13. M

    Parents L5/L6 cast angles

    Can someone please clarify the cast angle requirements for L5 and L6? The more I google, the more confused I get.
  14. A

    WAG Question about BWO in Level 5 beam routine

    My dd is preparing to score out of Level 5 (our gym doesn't compete 5) She is currently having a bit of a mental block on her BWO on beam. It's a skill that she has done in the past but has sporadically caused some fear. She used to have a very flexible back so it has always looked good. But...
  15. G

    Parents Level 5 scoring

    This may be the wrong place to ask I apologize if so. I posted a while back about my daughter struggling to test out of 4 ... well she finally did and got the 34 we waited so long for lol. This year she moved onto level 5 and finally got her first 9 ever. However it’s only been on the...
  16. thatguy188

    Parents Skipping Level 5

    Good Morning! I did a search to see if skipping Level 5 is possible, but all I found were threads from many many years ago. I saw this Mobility Chart (https://usagym.org/pages/women/pages/overview_jo.html) and it says a 32.00 AA in Level 5 to get to Level 6 (which imo is too low, besides the...
  17. C

    WAG Level 5 Vault

    Is it still a FHS or can they do 1/2 on?
  18. T

    WAG L5 Pars Defect - Update

    Well, it has been a bit since I have been on here (had issues logging on). Anyway, you may remember DD was diagnosed in January with a L5 Pars Defect (stress fracture). DD went back to the doctor on Monday and was given the all clear. Now, her physical therapist hasn't - he still says no hard...
  19. L

    MAG 13, level 5 -- JD?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. My son has been in gymnastics for a couple of years. He's 13 now, and loves it. Prior to this it was soccer, then karate, then football. He has quit everything in favor of focusing on gymnastics. He started late, and I think he's trying to figure out where he's going...
  20. T

    WAG Recovery from L5 Stress fracture?

    Hey. We are 16 weeks post diagnosis of a L5 Pars Defect (stress fracture). DD is still doing PT and was just approved to start doing tap swings. But no impact or back extension stuff. She experienced pain.... Any idea what recovery will feel like for her? The stress fracture itself should...