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Hi, I've been really down lately because my coach just told me that after getting my giants successfully on the pit bar, I wouldn't be competing them because I am won't do the flyaway. We had been working on doing a freehip flyaway out of the second giant so I didnt have to flyaway from the ahndstand but apparently that plan was lost without me knowing. I am so frustrated! I feel like my coaches don't trust me. I talked to them about it and they said that my giants were very nice but that I needed the flyaway.


Aw, sorry to hear that. You should talk to your coach and make sure you do that a lot, becuase then there are no bad surprises like this. I'd say you need to listen to your coach but make sure you talk to him or her and show that you really want to learn those flyaways and you are willing to work hard to get them. Then maybe your coach will work hard to help you get the skills and reconsider the competing when you get them.


Just keep on trying you will get it eventualy. Practice makes perfect!


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Mar 9, 2008
Congrats on getting your giants! That's a big accomplishment right there!:D Did your competetions start yet? Can you compete the free hip fly away for a while & continue to practice the giant fly away...with the option switch once you master the skill in practice??? You'll get that giant fly away...don't give up! But you don't want to compete a skill until you've mastered have to be safe above all else.:)


Nov 12, 2007
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I'll just draw from one of life's lessons which sounds cliche, but sometimes things take time, and sometimes, even though one wants to do something now, that extra time can come in really handy later. It's not fun during the time, but later on you can look back hopefully and go, oh yeah that worked out.

Congrats on your accomplishments so far. :)


Nov 29, 2008
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Flyaways are really scary out of giants because you have so much power. You can pike down a lot of of your giant and try to slow yourself down. Another thing you can do if you find that you are over rotating, you can change it to a layout. I guess i would need to know what it is you are afraid of so i can help you.
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