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Hi fairly new gymnastics mom. Need plenty of advice. Three kids in gymnastics, 3yr old girl pre-school class, 6yr old girl level 3, 9 yr old boy just went from rec to trianing level 4.
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Mar 9, 2008
Welcome to CB:D!!! Sounds like you're a busy mom!!! My DD's are a bit older then your crew(14 & 15yrs old). The 14yr old is my gymmie, she's L7. Feel free to post away, you'll meet lots of helpful people here. Searching the older threads/posts is fun & informative too...but's addicting:p! Welcome & enjoy!!!


Hello and Welcome to CB! I am glad to see you join!! I think you will find this message board full of very informative parents, coaches, judges willing to help with any and all your questions/concerns etc.

Make sure you join the Proud Parent group so you can post in the parents forum. I am not sure how to walk you through it but I am sure someone here can. Have fun lurking!!

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