Need Meet Fairies for Tomorrow

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Proud Parent
Apr 26, 2010
DD has had a frustrating week of bar practice. She's hit her squat on only 3 times in 3 practices. She's all out of sorts now, so she can really use some meet fairies for tomorrow. Can anyone spare a few tomorrow? I will return them safe and sound tomorrow evening. We were hoping this would finally be her 9.0 week, but, oh, that stupid L6 squat on!!!

Thank you!


Proud Parent
Jul 22, 2010
Region 8
Sending good wishes her way! DD has been practicing the level 5 bars and between the kip and the squat-on, I figure I'll be asking for the fairies to come visit her when meet season begins (LOL). Good luck to your daughter!!
Not open for further replies.