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Hello everyone! I just found this place and it's pretty cool! I am mom to an 8 yr old gymnast. She's just been doing Gymnastics for 2 yrs now (She's a level 4; getting ready to move up to level 5 but has to finish "passing out" on beam skills- it's our heartache! LOL- she has her kip already on bars and all bars skills along w/ trainer vault , 90% of floor skills but only 1/2 of her beam skills. In our gym, you have to pass out of approx 26 things to move up to level 5 (from 4). She's in her first year of being on the TEAM! Level 4's here are on Team. She was in a developmental program at our old gym- we are from Louisiana originally. She practices 3 days a week for 3/4 hrs and does open gym 2 hrs a week. LOVES IT! LOL

It's great to meet so many great people here!

DD just finished a week long summer camp at the local University- lived in teh dorms and everything and LOVED IT!
Welcome to the Chalkbucket, lots of level 4/5 Moms here.

Nice that your gym has clear guidelines to move up, that seems like a rare thing in most gyms. I am sure those skills will come along soon enough, your DD sounds very talented.
Welcome. Don't worry about the beam skills - she will get them. Of course beam is the one thing I can't stand to watch - way too stressful - that and the fact that my dd definitely could have benefited from some velcro on her feet at times, lol.
:D Hello & Welcome to the CB. :wave: Beam can be an obstacle sometimes, but is so rewarding to the gymmie when they overcome it. How long has she been at the new club?
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