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  1. S

    Parents Home work

    My 5 year old is obsessed with gymnastics. She took 2 classes/week for an entire year as a 4 year old. She just turned 5 and is enrolled in 3 45-min classes/week. Our problem is the skills exceed the maturity/listening/behavior skills. I have no idea what I’m doing as a gymnastics parent...
  2. nelson_rebekah1

    Coaches Homework for Gymnasts to Work On?

    Hello! My gym is currently using Zoom calls to connect the gymnasts to their coaches to do short workouts and provide homework to their girls. I am looking for suggestions for homework to give my Xcel Gold girls (ages 9-13) - physical, emotional, and mental homework. Today I gave them 4...
  3. G

    WAG Homework for gymnasts during the gym closures

    I think that now is a perfect time to teach our gymnasts to "study" gymnastics at home. They will have so much time in their hands that they'll be happy to do some gymnastics home work. And I don't only mean conditioning, but also something like technical analysis of the skill they are working...
  4. A

    Parents Gymnastics vs. Homework

    My third grader is training L4 and the gym is her happy place. The other side of that coin is that homework struggles are bordering on too much to handle. Each week, she gets a packet (like 4-6 pages) of spelling exercises, spelling words to work on, and she needs to read a bit every day. This...
  5. C

    WAG Weekly Conditioning Homework

    I coach out of a very small gym in a small town. Our JO 2/3 team only has 3.25-6 hours of class each week. The girls range from 7-13. Up until now, we have been giving the gymnasts conditioning homework to complete on a weekly basis. This usually consists of a 10-15 minute workout that must be...
  6. Jumeriah

    Homework & Training long hours

    my daughter has just started Year 7. She is currently in level 5 and they train 17hrs a week. We are trying to work out juggling homework assignments etc. she doesn't want to quit gym she loves it but is worried on how she will juggle it all. Any tips please?
  7. L

    Parents Missing practice for homework and tests

    Hi. Just curious as to what the policy is in your gym regarding missing practice for schoolwork. I am not talking about on a regular basis, but rather maybe once or twice a month. My daughter is in 8th grade and is a level 9. The school workload is tremendous. She manages her time very...
  8. Committed

    WAG help! DD can't remember "homework"

    DDs bars coach gave her 'homework' to practice a specific drill for CHS. She knows that she's supposed to be in HS against a wall - just a little bit away- and open up her shoulders .... something about popping up to HS from the wall? Does anyone know a video of this? She's trying it the way...
  9. FlipsandGrips

    How Do You Make Time For Homework?

    I get home from school at around 5:00 and do as much homework as I can before gymnastics. I usually leave for gymnastics at 6:15, but I never finish my homework. And when I get home, it is 9:00. I never seem to find enough time to complete my homework. How do you make time for homework?
  10. gwenmom

    Parents How gymnasts do homework lol

    Anybody else see this every night?
  11. wsg13

    WAG Home work

    I go to a school were marks are very important. My parents also believe this and are threatening to take me out of gym. I am in year 11 and struggling a lot. How do you all get time for home work?
  12. wsg13

    WAG Home work

    I go to a school were marks are very important. My parents also believe this and are threatening to take me out of gym. I am in year 11 and struggling a lot. How do you all get time for home work?
  13. E

    Coaches Stretching homework?

    About half of the kids I coach have very good flexibility (oversplits on both sides, etc.) while the other half have less than adequate flexibility (splits on the good side, not quite on the floor on the bad side). The ones who have good flexibility really try to follow directions and push...
  14. Salto

    Homework troubles

    Hi, just wondering if anybody could offer some advice on a problem of mine. I train 5 to 6 days a week and I don't get home until 8:45. I am in eighth grade at a school that gives out about 31/2 hours of homework a night. Therefore I can never get to bed at a decent hour and I feel really...
  15. gwenmom

    Parents Homework

    DD is currently in 1st grade and only turns in homework on Fridays. Next year is different though and she will have homework each night due the next day. She is also potentially moving up and requiring more training hours next year What are your tips/tricks for gym nights and homework? I know...
  16. G

    Stretching/flexibility homework?

    Gym/dance coach gave G-DD directions for homework that included stretching and work on her flexibility for 30 minutes per day. Very non-specific for a L4/6yo kindergartner ?? She thinks sitting in a split, or in a hand-stand while watching Sponge Bob works. Do you have any ideas on exactly what...
  17. B

    Parents Can we talk about balancing training and school work/homework?

    As my DD's training hours increase (and as she gets older) I find myself thinking about this more. She does very well in school, but I worry about her getting enough rest. So far, we have managed to juggle everything and have her get enough sleep; however, she is still in elementary school. I...
  18. H

    Parents Hour drive to gym and homework

    We are considering a gym change to a gym that is an hour drive away. I'm curious how other parents handle homework when they have a long drive to the gym? My dd would be going M-W-F from 5:30-8:15, so we wouldn't be home until 9:30 or so on those nights. She will be in 2nd or 3rd grade next...
  19. P

    Homework advice when training 25 hours a week?

    How do you manage 25+ hours a week in the gym and school work? We are going crazy with trying to manage both. Any advice....?
  20. G

    Parents Mean teachers+Too much homework=No gymnastics?!

    Ok, so I see a lot of threads going around with starting school and dealing with the gym. Leah and Lexi are starting the 3rd grade in Sept, Lexi has a really cool and young teacher, she is super nice and great with the kids. She is stern when she has to be, and will get the kids ready for 4th...