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Jun 21, 2015
I am new here but not new to Gymnastics. I am a former gymnast as well as a current gymnast. I am not sure what level I was since levels 1-10 seem confusing to me, but we had beginning, intermediate, advanced/preteam and team in the 80's.. yes the 80's.

I was in advanced/pre-team since both trained together. I tried out for team but there was only 1 spot available. At the time I did not know i had a life threatening inner ear infection that was affecting my balance and coordination. I was "that kid" who could do something a zillion time but during testing, stand on the balance beam and cry when it was time for my dismount. my coach knew what i could do, and he'd still pass me up to the next class. for years I thought i was not a good gymnast because i would have trouble with back handsprings. I could do everything forwards but backwards was a different story. it always caused anxiety. but we had no idea that the ear infection was ruining my sense of balance.

I started going through puberty and felt off in a leotard, so i switched sports to softball which was a disaster. I could not hear anything. It was not uncommon for me to do cartwheels and handstands while out in left/right field. I had planned on returning to gymnastics after the softball season. But that's when the infection was discovered. I had 2 surgeries and by the time i was healed up, my local gym had closed.

As I grew up. I was the teen that could be spotted walking across curbs doing beam routines with handstands and cartwheels and giving my mom a heart attack because i was too close to the street and doing cartwheels down the sidewalk, i never gave up my love for gymnastics. Over the years however, when I'd watch gymnastics i'd get sad because of what I gave up.

I decided recently to return to gymnastics after a 20-30 year hiatus. I was thrilled to find an adult gym as well as another local gym that offers open gym. I am really excited to be once again doing what I love. I am finding i am picking up some of my old skills back right back up fairly easily.
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