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2 more before states in December. This was a very small meet in a very small club. The venue was less than desirable. Start time was 4:30pm didn't start till 5:30pm and ended at 9pm. There were only two sets of judges. First pair rotated between beam and vault. Second pair between floor and bars. There was no warm up during first rotation because of lack of time. There was also a different rotation. She started on bars, vault, floor, then beam. I didn't understand it! With that being said, we managed to have a great time and had dinner with teamates!!!(Olivia ended up asleep on a Didn't get home till midnight.

She was up first on bars and over rotated her mill circle( I really dislike that skill:mad: The rest of her routine was ok.

Bars: 8.0 (1st meet 8.45, 2nd 8.35)

Had more than plenty of time to warm up on vault. I thought it was a good one for her.

vault: 8.75

Next up was floor. She did a great routine. A wobble coming out of the kickover and a big hop back on ROBHS but otherwise it was one of her best.

Floor: 9.0

Last event was beam. It was also very late and the girls were all tired and starving. Liv bobbled on the leg swing and for a sec thought she would fall but she fought and pulled it through. Her straight/ tuck jumps were scrificed from the scare. I thought her turns and dismount were better. All in all similar to last week. Was hoping for a mid 8.

Beam: 7.95....:eek:

First girl up in her rotation forgot her routine halfway through it. She froze and shrugged her shoulders looking at her coach. The coach talked her through it twice and she scored a 7.6 something. I can't understand it! Hard to believe this week's routine was a whole point lower than last weeks. It sucks this sport is so subjective. Very difficult for adults to understand let alone a 6 year old. Luckily she was so thrilled to win 1 st PL team she didn't mind very long.

She placed 3rd on floor, 5th on vault and 5th AA out of 9. There were only two age groups, younger/older. Oldest girl in her session turns 9yo in Nov. So all in all not too bad for being so young!

Here's the video:
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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Wow, her floor was so amazing!! What an improvement from last meet. Very beautiful. Bars were nice, too, that darn mill circle. It is so hard to not warm up on bars. Even when they do, the bars feel different and I think they need more time to get used to them. I thought her beam was very nice, some wobbles, but definitely lower than I would thought it should be. Vault, I have given up trying to figure out, but looked good to me. :) She is making nice improvements each meet and looks beautiful out there.


I will never understand some scoring! Just when I think I've got it down, a score comes along that makes me scratch my head! Glad she was thrilled with her 1st team award! Sounds like the meet went pretty well overall--and I hate it when meets start late too!
That sounds like an impressive meet to me! 1st place team has got to say something about the gym and the training!

Too bad she didn't get to warm up for bars. That's got to be hard for them. As it was said above, Bars are different everywhere. Bean has told me the same.

Wrapping everything up with a group dinner sounds just wonderful. The visual of little Liv asleep on the bench is just priceless. Thanks for sharing. I'll watch the video later (replying from my phone) I can't wait to see it!


Proud Parent
Nov 15, 2008
That meet sounds crazy! So not cool to run over an hour late and until 9:00. She is 6 years old! All things considered, I think she did fabulous! Very beautiful on floor. Her bars were strong too...just that darn mill circle, that looked a little to familiar, haha. Kylie is still doing two, her coaches are not happy. Vault looked good, but BEAM...way too low! That score should have a fall in it and she stayed on the whole time! And her dismount was beautiful! Scoring in gymnastics is enough to make anyone crazy! Glad she ended up having a great time and won 1st place team. You guys are rocking!


That's a shame the meet wasn't run very smoothly. Was this a first-time meet for this gym? I thought they were supposed to always follow the same rotation. Very strange.

Regardless, she did great. I think her floor routine was scored too low, too. Her beam routine wasn't flawless but I don't think it deserved a score that low, especially with no fall! My dd's Level 4 beam coach was also a judge. She told us that it really depends on the judge. Some skills can have up to a .3 deduction and it's up to the judge whether she take .1, .2 or .3. That's what stinks. So, one skill might get a .1 deduction from one judge and a .3 from another. Doesn't seem fair, does it? :(


Thank you guys! I just found out that this meet was "fundraiser" for the hosting gym. They had one of their coaches die in a car accident. They were raising money for her kids. Know I feel bad complaining about the details. Now I understand why the shortage of judges and low budget throughout meet.

Initially I was upset about her beam score. One of her teamates fell and got the same score. The difficult part for me is seeing Olivia's face beaming because she thinks she did a good job and then sees her scores and sulks. I told her: "Baby it's ok you did a wonderful job on beam."

Did anyone notice her face when she landed her leap on beam? I think she said....wooow! LOL I can't believe she talked! Could that have been a deduction?

Last meet on bars, her bars coach just wanted her to focus on casting hollow and she did(you can see him nod in approve when she casted hollow before the dismount). This meet she didn't. I just don't understand her resistance to hollow! I liked the fact he didn't mention it to her since she had a fall and was feeling kind of bad. I did mention to her, her wonderful shoot thru and she had a huge smile. Just trying to stay focused on the positives.

She has yet another meet next weekend. Let's see how she manages on beam and bars?

Friday's practice before meet, they were practicing back tucks,vaulting over table and squat ons. Uptraining is definately not issue at this gym.....;)


Thank you guys! I just found out that this meet was "fundraiser" for the hosting gym. They had one of their coaches die in a car accident. They were raising money for her kids. Know I feel bad complaining about the details. Now I understand why the shortage of judges and low budget throughout meet.

Oh, that's so sad. I'm surprised they didn't mention that when the meet was being arranged so that people would've known. Oh, well. They were doing a good thing and that's all that matters.


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
she was robbed on beam...that's all I gotta say!:rolleyes:

AWESOME beautiful floor routine! so, SO impressive! Way to go Liv!
Sep 9, 2008
That was a late night for little girls! Olivia looked great! Bars were really awesome considering she didn't even get to warm up! Congrats Olivia!
Did you compose your vid with the events being out of order? Just curious.

Beam score was way low for that performance. Maybe they took off from the mount coming off the big block? Dunno.

As others said, floor was strong. Bars are nice and tight. Could use a bit of work with the bent elbows and the dismount. But, I really have to comment the huge improvement on vault. 9+ is close; just straighten out that pike.

Overall, very nice performance!!!


Did you compose your vid with the events being out of order? Just curious.

No I did not compose the video out of order. That was the rotation at this meet. I am not sure why. We also had the same judges on beam and vault. And the same judges on floor and bars.

I think there must of been a mistake punching in her beam score or something. Maybe it was suppose to be an 8.95 instead of 7.95. It just didn't make sense to anyone that was there and our coach didn't ask to see what she was deducted for. Oh well she has another meet next weekend. Let see what happens. It was soo late we just wanted
Sep 8, 2007
Liv looked great,Way to go! Not being able to warm up bars is never good! The parents should have been aware they were trying to raise money for the kids that lost a parent they probably would have earned much more!


Proud Parent
Jul 25, 2008
Just wanted to say that your dd is so cute and strong too!! We liked watching your videos. My dd was amazed that Olivia can do all of those press handstands. She really wants to learn how to do that too.
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