Omg!!! I met shayla worley!!!

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Oct 24, 2008
OMG, I FEEL LIKE THE LUCKIEST PERSON EVER!!!! I GOT TO MEET SHAYLA WORLEY!!! Ok so you may be wondering how I got to meet her. Ok so, I had a meet in Orlando last week and Shayla was at my meet!!
I found out why she was there like the day after my meet, my mom told me that she was there because her parents know my parents and they like went to college together and stuff, and I was like so mad that they didn't tell me that before! But anyways we made plans to go somewhere together out of gymnatics and just hang out, so we may be going to like a Disney park or go to a Magic game, I am so excited, I NEVER thought that I would meet her EVER!!
So thanks for reading this!
byee ;)
Dec 8, 2007
You're so lucky! I wish I could meet her, she's amazing!
I met both Hamm's and Jana Bieger at the airport. All in the same day hahah


that is pretty cool. if my dad was friends with someone like alicia sacramone's parents, i would kick him for not introducing me.
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