Optional USAG Changes for 09-13

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gym monkeys mom

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Oct 3, 2007
So I am curious if anyone knows the rationale for taking "C" skills out of Level 8 except for dance elements and a few bar skills.

I really have no opinion either way I was curious.

My DD is bummed she has some "C" skills she has been working on and will not be able to do them at level 8. I am ok with that she can work on perfecting technique.

Any ideas or thoughts would be great.
I believe the commitees thought process comes from Level 9, and trickles down to L8. At L9 Nationals, the kids winning are truly L10's, complete w/ yurchenko fulls, D releases on bars, etc. Then the best L8's are doing L9 routines, etc.

So they want to make amore even "palying field" for your average L8 and L9, giving them more of a chance to be successful. I think the kids that are capable of the higher rated skills are still going to come out on top however....even if they are not allowed to do them.

One downfall I see is for the kids who have 1 or 2 really weak events as a L9, thus prohibiting L10, but are very strong on 1 or 2 events. If they were allowed to show their great events at L9, the colleges could see their more of their strengths rather than weaknesses. Now they will have to move to L10 and coaches will have to work harder getting those kids "out there" to be seen.
Also in level 9 currently the Vault SV are the same as level 10 (which I have heard will be changed for level 9 with the new rules) ... having been to several level 9 competitions and seeing the level 9 vaults posted here/on you tube, most do the tsuk pike or yurchenko pike, with a 9.5 SV so if you were a level 8 scoring low 36s AA which is pretty decent, in level 9 (which is a harder level) right off the bat you won't get higher than a 35.9 at any meet assuming the performance level is about the same as in level 8 unless a harder vault is mastered. I thought that was a little frustrating. I saw only a few level 9s do higher level vaults at meets and I also saw not uncommonly girls doing FHS and front full vaults.
Great point! I personally am looking forward to the vault values changing!

USAG (the technical committee) was supposed to post the new changes today (april 1) according to their minutes. Hmmm, wonder when we'll really see them! I need those changes soon, so I can make sure my athletes are working the appropriate skills!
We could stand for rules like that in Australia. We currently have no difficulty limitations at all from level 7 and up. Level 7's can do handspring double front vaults if they are capable and F and G value skills on other apparatus. Of course that doesnt happen but we do have problems. For example in level 7 about half the kids do a simple front handspring vault which has a start value of 12.9 (we use the FIG code but with 0.5 added to the start value), they compete agains other level 7's doing handspring front tucks and Pike tsukahara's. They cant win because the start value of the handspring is lower than the scores these girls are getting with hiergher vaults.

So it does make sense to limit the start value's a little to even up the playing field. Also I hear that in the USA it is very common to repeat level 8 at least once. These new rules may be in place to discourage coaches from keeping girls back in level 8 for another year who dont really need to be. Coaches who have girls doing the C skills will feel pressured to put them up to level 9 so they can compete them. This could be for any number of reasons. 1) to make level 8 easier, 2) to increase the numbers in level 9, 3) to keep kids in the sport longer. 4) to speed up the amount of time it takes them to get to level 10 and elite.
I agree with gymch34. My dd got caught in the repeat mode in her gym this year. She is doing all L9 skills but the coach continued to keep her in L8. Yes she did very well but, she was on the podium quite a lot the year before with solid L8 skills. Now for the second straight summer she's stuck training her L9 skills when she'd really like to at least have a shot at training 10. If she does train L10 once again she probably will have solid skills for the level above and be asked to compete L9. Only this year she won't be able to compete those skills. It's really frustrating. In the end i'm not sure the rules change will do what it set out to do.
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