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  1. T

    NCAA D3 College Recruiting - When to start posting recruiting videos?

    I know this is a wildly discussed topic on CB, I've read through many threads about college recruiting, but only a few seem to mention D3. At this point in my career I recognize it is realistically too late for me to go D1 and I don't have much interest in it. I live in NY and have many D3...
  2. Blaine B

    Off Topic Why am I not landing my backflip on ground ( I have a video if you need to see it)

    I just cant seem to land it and allways end up on my hands and knees
  3. JBS

    Off Topic Motivational Quotes / Videos / Etc.

    Need some inspiration? Check out our post with all sorts of great quotes from gymnasts and coaches...
  4. N

    Parents Video Posting

    I'm not the most technologically savvy, and only received one response to a side question about it so I'll be blunt. I'd like advice about a couple videos, but my phone uploads .mp4 extension videos. Someone said to upload to Instagram. It's on there bc it's already in my photos. How can I get...
  5. N

    Parents Gym & Video Question

    I'm on the Kansas side of kansas city and not pleased with dd current gym. Talking with coaches (at least with me) is actively discouraged. I've had a higher up actually see me and walk out a different door. It was just evaluation day and her current coach gave a short non-answer and walked...
  6. Stl-acro

    Coaches Ideas for time delayed video for Skill training.

    We currently use An old system to time delay video about 20 seconds for our spotting belts and skills. But need to replace due to parts breaking down. We have a old Analog camcorder going into TiVo/dvr that goes to our TV.. Tell TiVo to record on AV input 1, Wait about 20 seconds and tell...
  7. JBS

    Off Topic Great Rhythmic Video By FIG

    I just thought this was a great video. Check it out...
  8. Dahlialover

    WAG Video of 1989 compulsory routines levels 5-7. How do they compare to contemporary levels?

    Any older former gymnasts remember these routines from the early 1990s? I’m just coming back to gymnastics with my kids after a 30-year hiatus and I’m trying to figure out how the current levels compare to the old levels. I think contemporary JO level 4 and 5 are like the 1989 level 5 & 6...
  9. M

    Parents National 5 videos

    UK gym mum here. I know this is a real long shot but just wondering if anyone has vids of their kids who did North west National 5? Impossible to find on YouTube. My little lady will be doing this in May in place of the regional grades in January. Would love to see a good example to show her! Thanks
  10. 0

    WAG instant video replay system

    hi does your gym have a system set up where there are cameras set up that the girls can replay and watch themselves on TV's? if so what system do you use or recommend? thanks
  11. bogwoppit

    Off Topic Shameless video game plug

    In a way I may out myself doing this, after so many years, but my son has developed a video game, that will release on August 10th. It is super cute, and super inexpensive and it also supports the planting of a tree for each purchase. So if you have the urge to try a super little game, from a...
  12. F

    Parents Picture/ video guide to skills

    Does anyone have a great visual resource that shows the skills for young gymnasts? I don't know many of the correct names of the things my son does in his class and 'that was a fantastic spinny -jumpy- flippy thing you did tonight over that box thingy and well done on burling round the bars '...
  13. adultgymnast0510

    WAG Can you please help me with my ROBHS - video included

    I know I need to get my legs straight in the second part of the handspring but do you have any other tips, critiques etc to help me perfect it - are my hands hitting at the right angle? and if not what would I do to hit the proper angle Is the round off wonky? Thanks so much in advance...
  14. S

    WAG im trying to find the video of a girl doing handstands

    i saw the video of a girl doing handstands and she rolled around her shoulders, like she did rotations while doing handstands but i cant find the video does somebody has a video like that???? im trying to find it
  15. JBS

    WAG Gymnastics Montage Thread (Videos)

    I figured we need to get a gymnastics montage thread going too. They are inspirational and it would be cool if we had them all in one thread. Post them here... montages from any gymnast... any time period.
  16. gymgal

    WAG Judges : what value is a front toss layout on beam? Video enclosed

    Just a public video, not my dd. She is looking for the college value but JO would help as well - if its the same value as a regular front toss in JO, then likely same for college
  17. L

    Parents Watching/downloading gymnastics videos

    Hi all, My daughter received a Kindle for Christmas from family and has been asking since for me to put gymnastics on it for her to watch. We have watched women's elite competition replays before on YouTube (old Olympic footage, etc), and this is what she is referring to. Currently I download...
  18. JBS

    Coaches Best Trampoline Drill Videos

    Just starting a thread to put in some cool videos to keep track of...
  19. C

    WAG Where to 4k download videos ?

    I want to download 4k gymnastics from wag events but i cant find 4k videos on youtube Does anybody know where to Download 4k gymnastics 4k videos in general. Thanks in advance.
  20. T

    Parents So frustrated with gym and video capabilities

    This more of a vent than anything else. The SpotTv at my daughter's gym has not been functioning since before Thanksgiving. The gym is closed to parents and there is zero ability to view what is happening at practice. I find this so frustrating. I want to be able to see that COVID precautions...