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Ozone leos

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by gymnastics29, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. Has anyone here tried Ozone leotards? My daughter found a pretty one on their website. While looking at their measurements, it looks like her measurments are all over the place. My question is, how do their “practice fit” sizes compare to gk and plum? My daughter is an adult small in those brands. Those are the only brands she has so far. Thanks
  2. We have found Ozone to be pretty similar to GK, except for 1 practice leo. It was cut a little small, so we went up a size. Our comp leos are also a smaller fit compared to GK of the same size. But my daughter's favorites are Ozone, and she has a lot to choose from.
  3. We have found it similar to GK, but maybe a tad on the smaller side. They are also thicker than most other leos, just FYI
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  4. My dd wears the same size in ozone as GK
  5. I don’t care for Ozone leo fit for older girls. It is really good (and durable) for my younger preteamers but we tried using them for practice leos for our team and ALL the older girls hated the fit. It’s very “cheeky”, for lack of better terms.
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  6. I noticed this with our competition leos- the ‘child’ size ones fit the girls well but once you get to ‘adult’ sizes they are cut higher and smaller in the butt.
  7. They fit great on my girls and I think they ran close to GK sizes. As someone mentioned the ones we had were thicker leos, but I kind of liked that. Some leos are way too thin, it was a nice change.
  8. IMO, they run narrow. My dd is an older girl, but carries her length in her torso so they fit her well. So, I would agree with you, if the girls have any curves, it might fit different. My big girl is pretty much curve-less!
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