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Oct 4, 2009
Ok i was watching some youtube videos and noticed one girl was wearing pants over her leotard in a competition, not shorts, pants. I was curious as to why and saw in the comments that she had an injury so that wearing a leotard was painful but she appeared to be wearing a leotard under her pants so what kind of injury could this be?

Here's the video:

YouTube - Grace Gliva level 8 gymnastics floor routine
those are stretch pants. it's a leotard material same as the biker shorts. she probably suffered a bad cut from the band that goes around the leg. i've told you all about this in another thread. it can be a pretty insidious and severe cut as it can be very close to the crotch area.
Ah k i see what you are saying but she appears to be wearing a leotard aswell wouldn't it still hurt? and when you say band around the leg do just mean the band from the leg hole in the leotard and can they cut???!!!!
yes, they can cut pretty badly. she probably has the bands removed from the leo that you see in the video. we've had to do this before.
Thanks for clarifying that, i had no idea they could cut at all let alone badly, must be one tight leo!
I didn't think they could cut but I heard about a little girl at a nearby gym recently who jumped into the pit and suffered a really nasty intimate cut. So yes it does happen. And the leotard wasn't tight.

It is not uncommon in school competitions here for girls to wear footless tights or leggings for religious reasons.
one girl on our team wore longer black shorts at a few competitions this year because she had a very nasty rash on the insides of her legs. it was also contagious so that was more for more of a health issue.
FIG approves of the wearing of suits that cover both arms and legs for religious or other reasons. They do need to be skin tight though.
it looks more like a tank top with leggings to me but it could be a leo. She probably has a cut in the area where the leo is on the leg and it needs to heal.
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Yeah, it looks like a tight cotton tank top she tucked into the pants.

Anyway, it was a great routine!
Yes i remember watching this video a few months ago. She is just wearing a tank top w her gyms name on it and leggings. I feel like ir would be weird to compete that
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