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I have started compiling a group of poems for the athlete of today called heart of a lion. If there is interest, I will start posting them. I have about 5 or 6, so post if you would like to read them!


Heart of a Lion

Heart of a Lion,
Courageous with no fear
Of falling or failing,
Never to disappear.

Eye of a tiger,
Keen and quick,
Reading its opponents,
Through thin and through thick.

Grace of a dolphin,
Moving with ease,
Winning the crowd’s eye,
Oh so very pleased.

Speed of a cheetah,
Never slowing down,
Always training,
Without a frown.

Strength of a giant,
Powerful to no end,
Showing it off,
And using it to bend.

Heart, eye, grace, speed, and strength,
A situation hit or miss.
Dedicated, driven, proud, and sure,
This is what an athlete is

This is the first poem in the collection.


Just Keep Flying

I promise to push myself.
I promise to try.
I’ll always let go,
So I can just fly.

I’ve got it no doubt,
But when I show it
There’s no need to brag, to shout.

I will never give up.
Never stop trying, stop flying,
Or be knocked down, like a little cup.

I’ll just go for it,
Because I’d never know,
What I could do,
If I didn’t let go.

It’s not how well I do,
It’s that I can say,
You know what,
I did my best today.


The Little Voice Inside Your Head

The little voice in your head,
Resting deep inside,
Getting great results,
When it’s what you choose to abide.

Telling you go ahead,
And run an extra lap,
Take another jump, stick one more move,
Keep going ‘til you snap.

Pushing you,
To get ahead,
Until you’re so exhausted ,
You just collapse in your bed.

The voice that
Lets you meet
Your own potential
And your opponent’s defeat.

Sticking with you
Through thick and through thin.
Working you like no other ,
Right up to the win.

Always reminding you
When you cheat,
Or don’t practice hard,
That you will be beat.

So listen to your voice,
It keeps your spirit high.
Telling you its ok,
To go hard and fly.


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Sep 3, 2005
Your poems are great...thank you for posting them. Keep posting them. I wish I was more of a writer. Then it would be easier for me to get this community going.
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