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nasticsISlove 72

ok so, i still dont have my kip. im level 5 so i need one for my routine. i dont have to start my routine, or one to get up to the high bar. it seemes like its taking forever....whats gunna happens on bars, for when meet season starts? also i dont have a longhang pullover, so i wouldnt be able to do one of those to the high bar. :(
I would suggest concentrating on your kips, but I don't really know how to help you without seeing what your working on right now with those skills. I believe it is an eigth tenth deduction for missing requirments, but i'm not one hundred percent sure on that one. It's hard to suggest what to think about or focus on with your kip without seeing it, so here are a couple of basic kip rules (low bar kip):

1. Jump to the bar shoulders open and feet in front of you
2. Extend legs as you glide
3. quick leg lift (toes to bar)
4. Shoot legs up bar fast (so that bar comes by your thighs)
5. While shooting your legs up pull your shoulders and chest hard over the bar.

My coach used to make us do "jump ups/kip drills" where we'd have to stand by a high beam (shorter beam if we were shorter), so that the beam is your shoulder height; then jump up to front support on the beam with straight arms--make sure your shoulds are past your hands while in front support. This action is similar to the pulling action of the kip.

If you have trouble getting your feet/legs to the bar in the kip do tons of leg lifts and definitely stretch out the pike stretch.

A good drill is basket drop kips (or drop kips): start is support on the bar, rock under the bar and kip back up. Note: while doing this skill be sure to keep your legs and toes by the bar.

Let me know if this is along the lines of what you're looking for before I keep going...good luck and don't get frustrated!
see our girls are moved back if they don't have all their skills by sept 1 since the first meet is in October for us. So even if they trained level 5 since June 1st when our move up date began... They are moved back if they don't have all of the level 5 skills and the skills done consistently as well.
I am not sure what you do in your situation other than work really hard so you have it by the first meet or you just do the skill as much as you can during the routine and if you miss it then get up and continue with your routine as if you had a fall.
Hammy had some great drills for you. When does your season start because at this point you're missing at least 2 bar skills. What do your coaches say? Would they let you compete, but scratch you on bars until you not only have the kips, but are pretty smooth on the whole routine? The thing about those kips are they really keep the routine moving and without them you would get severe deductions. Kips can be very frustrating to learn and right now, I'm sure with the pressure you're feeling, its not helping to learn them.
Having worked a gymnastics camp this week, I have found the most common problem with new wannabe kippers to be that they give up too soon.Especially when you first start, you're going to have to fight for it sometimes. You have to keep pulling in.

Also, as far as competition, one of my dearest friends struggles on bars with kips and was still allowed to compete and continue moving up because of her strength on the other 3 events. She made state with a 4 on bars as a level six. Don't get discouraged, either. She had a 1.9 at one meet and she never gives up. We used to count kips by team. Like if we had 4 girls competing level 6, that makes 12 kips total. Our team goal would be to make 12 out of 12. Even if she missed one or two, we would still have a pretty good record. This year, she'll be on my level 7 team as she continues working hard on her kips and we'll all be rooting her on, praying she makes them. All 4 of them in the routine.

Don't worry about not getting up on the highbar; a coach is allowed to spot you on getting onto the higbar to complete your routine after you have attempted and fallen with no extra deduction.

Best of luck to you.
thanks for all of the information and advice.

gym law mom: i dont know when our season starts. i think our first meet is in december or january, but im not sure. my coaches havent said anything about my whole bar routine, for the meet season.

hammy: the problem with my kips, [as ive said before in my thread about kips] is when i have to push up to the bar after bringing my feet to the bar. i always push away, and dont move my wrists until the last second.

bars is deffinatly my weakest event. on all of the other events i have already perfected all of the level 5 and almost all level 6 skills. i just dont know whats gunna happen for meet season on bars.
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