Remember When...(not the video)

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We decided to pull this over from a skills and drills discussion that was drifting off topic.

It all started with remember when back extension rolls were a level 4 skill? And moved to things we wish were the same.

I hate the fact that you're not allowed to kip anymore in level 4 bars.
Feb 8, 2008
We have some level 6's now who were never taught a front limber in level 4 and then a coach who was fired after a summer told them to just try front handsprings by themselves... and two of these girls still have horrible horrible form on their front handsprings because of it.


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
When i was in level 4, we were aloud to do a kip and for a lot of girls it was easier (i don't know why...i couldn't do a kip in level 4!) A bunch of girls at our gym learned front handsprings before front limbers as well! That developed terrible form in their front handsprings as well and they just can't seem to fix it, after every drill possible!
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