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One of my daughters (she's 14 years old) will attend another rhythmic gymnastics (RG) club next year in spring because she'll get advanced training. We were told that she'll learn so-called chestands where she lies with her own bottom on her own head! Watch this photo link as an example:
My daughter has to learn the position that the gymnast in the white unitard (foreground) performs. She wants to learn it, too! I sent her to the doctor and the result was that she can learn it (physical abilities), but she has to practise, of course. However, I have open questions (I already asked the current coach (old club), but she doesn't have ANY !!! clue about it.):

1st How long does it take approximately to lie with the own bottom on the own head?

2nd How long can you stay (minutes) approximately in such a position?

3rd How can you stretch and bend to achieve this position:
3.1 - exercises that my daughter can do on her own
3.2 - exercises where I can bend my daughter

4th Does this exercise hurt a lot?

5th How does it feel to lie with the own bottom the own head (I think it must be a weird / strange feeling.)?

6th How can I prepare my daughter mentally for these exercises and finally the last night before she will achieve it (I think she'll be nervous because it's not common to lie with the own bottom on the own head.)?

Best regards,

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