Anon So torn about gymnastics

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Feb 16, 2022
My DD loves, loves, loves gymnastics. She just finished a stellar level 8 year and is looking forward to upgrading over the summer. She was starting to upgrade last year, but suffered a mental block, so L9 was put on hold for the beginning of the season. Then, she suffered an injury that sidelined her for 2 months, so she stuck with L8 again.

She should be going strong on uptraining right now, but she's currently working with a PT to strengthen a few areas that will nag her on & off. I'm hoping PT does the trick. I feel like her gym never did good conditioning for injury prevention, but maybe all gyms have that many 8-10s in braces.

Anyway, I'm struggling b/c I love to watch her and hear of her accomplishments, even if they are non-competitition ones. She is in the DP track and really wants to get to L10, but is expecting to compete with a club in college.

She is putting in so much time at PT and the gym. I'm spending so much time taking her to PT and gym. It's so hard when she comes out of practice and says something is hurting and gets upset b/c she's afraid it's going to end up being another 2-3 month set back. She's the most driven person I know and attacks PT with as much effort as training in the gym. She's had 3 or 4 MRIs in the past 3 years, PT for 3 different body parts and numerous chiropractic appointments. I will just put it out there that laser has been a game changer and I highly recommend it.

I don't want her to quit b/c she loves the sport, but I hate seeing her in pain or the disappointment on her face when she realizes she may lose more time again. She once wanted to compete in college, but gave that up after one of her more time consuming injuries. She has all these goals for her L9 season, but she's also afraid that she's not going to be sidelined by injuries.

I just wonder if I'm all alone or if other gym parents feel this way - like loving and hating gymnastics all at the same time.
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