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So yep, was at a meet and the opposing team mom (same kid as the other story ) yelled at the top of her lungs "go -----" in the middle of her beam routine at point blank range . Her mom was really upset become it was blantant and over the top... no one would yell at any athlete on beam that close and that loud, let alone a kid who wasn't on your team anymore. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in gyms
Some adults really need to grow up.
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It's even worse than I though. And yet the gymnasts and parents stay. Maybe there is some relief that John is gone and so even more reason to stay. But at the same time, I just can't understand supporting that place with my dollars any more, especially after the Nassar thing. If our gym went to their meet, even, I'd be very upset that they were supporting it. The thing is - even if we don't want to believe the bad things, we know. Our gut knows. I know that there might be parents on this board with kids there, and I don't mean any disrespect, but at this point I can't fathom staying. The other coaches had to have known. Katheryn knew. It's not possible that they didn't see him in action. We don't even go to the gym and we've seen enough at meets to know John was a problem, in fact my DD was afraid of him and didn't' even go there! We've heard stories. His behavior wasn't a secret. We didn't even bother to try out there when we switched because of it. So if the decision was made to stay in spite of his behavior, that would make sense, but saying that you didn't know just can't be true.

When we were at our old gym, we knew that our coach was a little unhinged...she wasn't nearly this bad and I full-stop told them if they ever treated my kid bad we were out, but we had to leave because the environment was toxic even if the behavior was not directed specifically at my child anymore.

This sport needs to change!
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