Stinky Wristbands

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Sep 3, 2005
Region 4 / Wisconsin's one for you.

I always have parents that smell their daughters wristbands for the first time. They just can't believe how bad they stink.

Make sure your gymnasts wash their wristbands every so often. Those things stink!

If you have stinky/sweaty/smelly wristbands, we want to here your story.

(Oh, I forgot about the 5 year old, too lucky to wash, wristbands).
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Gymbabi doesn't like having her wristbands washed. I thought it was because then she might forget to bring them back and not have any for bars the next day so I bought another pair. Those promptly dissappeared so we still don't wash her wristbands regularly. I do wash them when she brings them home before meets though.
I understand the fear of forgetting them, but sometimes its worth putting some prewrap on in the place of wristbands. Being able to knock your teammates out with the stench is never a good thing :p
I was a gymnast for 13 years and bars was my favorite and best event--I think I've only washed my wristbands maybe twice. I personally found that when they were washed they would slide, thus making my grips slide when i did bars. I liked them nice and stinky and i know but we've all got our things.
I am currently in the act of washing my wristbands because my tape grips somehow tore a huge chunk out of my wrist and the left wristband is now covered with blood.
Here's a post EVERYONE can relate to. My wristbands are terrible!!! My coaches know too and we all laugh at how bad they are and joke that we will fall off the bars because we will pass out from the smell!! One time I had my BFF smell them, I was like SMELL!! and she was afraid because I was notorious for smelly wristbands but I had washed them the day before so them smelled really good! I smelled them first so she believed me! I even made my coach smell them so he would know I washed them!! LOL!
Our gym just put a shelf in right under the pit bar, so all the optional girls can leave their grips in their grip bags at the gym. Now on the one hand this seems like a fine idea----no girl with the panic on her face saying "I left my grips at home" and the screeching of tires as a parent races them to the gym.

The downside could be that as they are left practice after practice in the gym, the stench from wristbands may get pretty bad. Then the question is, which wristbands are the stinky ones? I'm going to have to ask my daughter to bring them home every few mos., so the wristbands can be washed.
Smellywrist bands

It is so nice to know I am not the only gym mom with this problem. My DD wont let me wash them, but I have resorted to spraying the entire inside of the grip bag with Febreze. If done right after her bar rotation they are dry the next day. Her grips were so bad her nylon grip bar even smelled. I can't believe my Lil princess can conjure such a horrid smell!!!:eek:

How long have you had them? What do you do to make yours not smell?
My DD wrist bands stink to high heavan. It is so bad that it has pemeated the grip bag. I got a travel size bottle of Febreeze nnd I spray the wrist bands and grip bag daily. She won't let me wash her wristbands often but this helps me control the toxic waste smell. I also roll her wrist bands in baking soda after they are washed this helps with the smell also. It cured my sons stinky soccer cleats!!!!
I come from a boys team in florida. with no airconditionig. and our team neevvvvvvvveeeeer evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveer washes their wristbands. it smells. the worst thing is when you borrow someones spare pair. ewwwwwwwwwwww.
I had to wash mine today because I got a spectacular rip last night :mad:. I keep one of those drawer air freshener things in my bag, which works really well and also, you don't need 2 remember to spray the freshener. We have an award at Awards Night for the smelliest wristbands tho :p

Also does anyone know how you get blood stains out of them? I have a yucky gray mark there now and it doesn't look nice.
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If they have been dried in the dryer the stain most likely won't come out - but try soaking them in hydrogen perioxide anyway.
My wristbands get to smelling really bad! So bad sometimes that my bag smells really bad as well! I have to wash my every few weeks. I have forgoten them as well and had to do bars with out them and that hurt really bad. Lets just say I dont forget them anymore...

My daughter, a level 10, refuses to wash her wristbands during season....The stand upright on their own!
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