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Jul 26, 2008
I thought long-sleeve leos were required in competition???.... so why did I see Olympic gymnasts in sleeveless tanks to compete??

The one who sticks out in my mind at the moment is Vanessa Ferrari. I've asked people I know here and don't seem to get a straight answer.... so I figure I'll ask all of you.

And yes, I understand that lower levels aren't so stringent - but these are elite gymnasts competing at major meets.

Help me understand! Thanks!


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Feb 26, 2007
Countries can wear any leo they want, long sleeved, short sleeved or even a leo with long built in legs for modesty. FIG, the governing body for International gym rewrote it's rules early last year, but I believe short sleeves have always been an option.

Most US clubs go with long sleeved for the look , but you will see a lot of short sleeved suites at lower level meets, they are cheaper as you know.;)

I think some clubs go crazy on suits, I know we have parents here who have paid $500 for a leo, warm up and bag, which their young child will wear a few times and grow out of.
Jul 26, 2008
Legs? Seriously? Wow.

I know our gym is sleeveless for the local levels and go long-sleeved at the "advanced" L4. I thought that was pretty much the norm - had no idea sleeve length was a choice for upper levels!

I've got to go and get the mental picture of a full length leo out of my head now. LOL



Our gym has tank leos for practice and long sleeved leos for competition.


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Mar 1, 2007
Wow good question, I didn't even notice any sleeveless leos at the Olympics...maybe because of the limited coverage on NBC, LOL, I feel like I only saw USA and China the whole time!

My DD also has a long sleeve leo for comps, but last year while waitting for her comp leo to come in had to go to her very first meet in her short sleeve team leo. Boy did she stick out like a sore thumb among the glitz, glitter and bling! She hates long sleeve and would be happier with the sleeveless one.


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Aug 22, 2008
our gym does tanks for level 4 equivalent and then go to long sleeve for all higher levels. I think they do it to keep the price down the first 2 years (many stay at level4 for 2 years). Most other gyms around here have long sleeves at this level though, and it does look a little odd for our girls to be the only ones in tanks. Still, when you are paying the bills, every little bit helps! So I'm happy with the tanks.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Totally up to the gym or country as to whether they wear long or tank style leos for meets. Most gyms go with the long sleeve for a "better line" look. I've seen gyms in our state show up in tank leos and they just don't look as nice at a meet.

I believe the only requirement for an Olympic gymnast is to have something identifying your country on the leo---small flags, name spelled out on the leo or arm etc.


We have a "team leo" that the girls have to wear on a certain day. But, long sleeve for competitions. I only saw the long sleeves in the Olympics- and I only saw USA and China.

By the way, I love the title. LOL
I think some clubs go crazy on suits, I know we have parents here who have paid $500 for a leo, warm up and bag, which their young child will wear a few times and grow out of.

I know some SportAcro moms that have spent almost $500 on a single leo that will only be worn for one season. :eek: The kids do up to 3 routines and have a different leo for each. They are very beautiful, but way too expensive for my pocket book. When those moms start talking monies spent, I just keep my mouth shut and take a deep sigh of relief.
Aug 25, 2008
Most gyms go with the long sleeve for a "better line" look.
This is what I've heard before. And I have seen the sleeveless look at the Olympics before and figured that country just didn't want to shell out, or rather, couldn't shell out, for competition leos.

I've noticed the sleeve length seems to go through phases as well, from long sleeves to the wrists to long sleeve that are actually 3/4 sleeve length...


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Feb 16, 2008
Our gym is doing sleeveless for level 3/4 and long for the rest of the levels. The primary reason that level 4 has sleeveless is because they were the level 3 leos last year and the coaches want us to get two years out of them, as we only did 3 level 3 meets and we are going to get team warm ups this year, then new leos next year.

Jan 17, 2008
Our L5 & L6's Use a tank Leo for warmups then a long sleeve for competition. The Optional team has the warm up leo, but since most meets are capital cup and they warm up before each event, they only use the Long Sleeve comp leo.

Actually our new leo's are 3/4 sleeve, and the sleeve's are sheer so the girls dont get so warm!


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Aug 18, 2008
Arlington, TX
Our leos

We have tank leos for the TOPS kids, the competitive teams get the long sleeve leos. I don't think the price is bad, when we order in a large group its $38 (GK brand). When we were in cheer that wouldnt even cover the shoes. With warm up, practice clothes, competition uniform, hair bow, spankies, shoes, socks, makeup, and hair we were dropping $650 a year (gymnastics is soooooooo much cheaper).

They were allowing the girls to wear whatever leo they wanted but now the owner is cracking down and wants the higher levels wearing their appropriate leos to practice.

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