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May 28, 2018
My daughter is 13 and a level 4. She said she wants to go to a summer overnight gymnastics camp maybe next year. I have looked online at some college camps and although most of them do not have a level requirement, will my daughter still be able to fit in? She said that she thinks she is too old for a level 4 but really wants to go to the OU camp. Does anyone have any experience at either OU, UCLA, or Alabama camps? Thanks!
I hate to burst your bubble, but I think most of those camps are closed by now. This said, have you asked her coaches for advice? Our coaches are very helpful at steering girls to the right places. Good luck!
We had two girls from our gym that were Xcel Bronze that went to the Alabama camp and had a blast. I didn't talk to them about it but I definitely get the impression that they didn't regret sending their kids even though they weren't at an advanced level. I would assume they break them up by skill level so not sure if the age thing would factor in--but its not like she couldn't talk with girls her age during non-gym times etc.
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I think your daughter will be fine. We have no personal experience with OU camp, but they do break them up according to skill level. You can contact the OU coach in charge of the camp and ask them directly if you want. They are normally friendlier than you think and are happy to answer any questions. They make money off of this camps so they are more accommodating,

Camps fill up quickly. So it is good that you are looking into it this early. Most colleges open registration by Jan.
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