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Proud Parent
Jun 15, 2018
I am thinking of switching gym's? Factors for switching is location. My current gym is close to my work but far from my house. What are some reasons that other people have switched gyms? Also the pricing I noticed little fees tacked on top of publish fees. For example I will be charged 18.00 and the published fee will be 14.00 and that is a 22% upcharge. Wanted to reach out and get some thoughts of those parents who might have been struggling with a similar decision... Thank you for your time and consideration
We switched because we thought the old gym was pushing too many hours, too soon. There was no flexibility with them at all. They had no level 10's and never coached a college gymnast so I could never figure out why they were so intense and inflexible. Oh well. Switching was the best decision ever for our daughter and we couldn't be happier with the new coaches and the environment at this gym. My daughter is young so the transition was easy for her.
We switched gyms so that my daughter could compete JO (old gym would only consider her for its Xcel team). We now have a considerably longer drive to/from practice, but are otherwise very pleased with the new gym. My daughter loves it.
Not open for further replies.