tape for rips

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What do you use to wrap the hands when you have a rip? DD says the open skin stings, but bandaids won't stick. They use a prewrap and tape them at the gym, but I don't know where to get it or what it's called. I tried gauze and first aid tape, but it's not working too well. I don't want them to get dirty/infected at school etc...
You can pick up athletic tape and prewrap at pretty much any athletic or pharmacy store. You can also order cases of both from sports companies such as Ten-O.
Well, I always like to use the boiling hot teabag trick on it before I do anything, if it's possible. But after that, I usually put a circle bandaid on the rip itself and then use athletic tape and wrap it around my hand. :)
Thanks. I found some stuff at Target. They don't call it prewrap, it's a stick to itself type strip - kind of cloth looking. I guess last time I looked I was in the wrong aisle. Hopefully it will be right.
I've always been able to buy pre-wrap at the gym. Don't buy the tape there because you can get it cheaper at Wal Mart etc.
^Yep. I always get it at Dick's Sporting Goods, because it's the same price as it is at the gym, but you can get it in awesome colors. I use my hot pink tape all the time. :D
I use spray on liquid bandaid stuff that seals out the dirt it stings a little at first but it really works

My DD has grown fond of the spray-on bandaid stuff too. Even when she doesn't HAVE a rip, we use it everytime she works out as a preventative. And she says that once it gets good and dry, she doesn't even know it's there.

She has not had a rip since we started using it.
Guess I know what I'm getting at K-mart tomorrow. My prodigy got his kip tuesday but kept going at it and ripped a nice dollar sized piece.

Thanks, I've heard good things about the tea tree oil.
as eveyonelse has already mentioned, pre-wrap + tape just about the best thing you can do. i have also put vaseline on the rip and a taped a small piece of baloon on top, so it doesnt create friction- just slides around a little bit. it kind of depends where the rip is, but maybe you could try either of those.
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