Parents "Team Sports Linked to Fewer Mental Health Difficulties for Kids"

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Wait. They don't tell you how an athlete gets on the state team?
Socal Xcel takes the top six AAs right off the top (but you're neither in Socal nor Xcel). It didn't occur to me that they would keep that under wraps.

The HC at my daughter's last gym explained that later in the season, the age-split format was more common (as opposed to the team competing together) to make it more fair... ALL the girls of a certain age competed rather than the weird splits you can get when 25 girls from 8 to 14 are split howevermany times in one session, and the next day, another 25 from 8 to 14 are split howevermany.

Which is why--win or lose--the later season isn't as much fun.

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