Thanks to everybody here !

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Dec 4, 2008
Hey everybody ! I just wanted to say thanks to everybody on here that has given me
major advice ! Alot of people have helped me come through some fears and even
some choices. I would really like to say thank you to bogwoppit and LittleLady but all
of you have helped me. I am so excited to be competiting again in december ! And
in case of any of you are thinking DECEMBER !?!?! well in B.C we only have one season
per year. Like it goes from December to June and we usually have around 1-2 comps
each month and not more than that well.. usually unless you qualify for provincials
and westerns and nationals . Which usually alot of people qualify for provincials but
not very many qualify for westerns and nationals. I dont know what its like in other
countries or cities but I would love to find out about your guys's competitive season
and competitions and like if you have different leos for each competition or the
same leo like British Columbia. And like what are your guys's training schedule's like
well I look foward to reading your guys's replies. Thanks for reading and all the tips.

Chelsea !

PS : what do you guys think of the colours I used and how I put them. I look forward to
reading those replies too !
First, I just wanted to say how glad I am of all the help you have gotten here; I have had the same great experience. For our competitions (I live in New Hampshire), we have the same leo for all of our competitions, but I don't know about other teams. Oh, and I love your color choices! :p
Dec 4, 2008
Thanks for your reply ! I know this place is great to get some really great advice. And you get to meet all different kinds of wonderful people. And yeah thats what it is like in BC we get the same leo for every competition unless we go to a western comp or national. =]
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