For Parents The Bogs first meet tomorrow

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Feb 26, 2007
So it has finally arrived, the girls both have their first meet tomorrow at 6pm. We have to drive about 90 minutes and therefore we'll be playing hookey as we need to do hair and have dinner.

We'll be needing the "keep your eyes peeled" fairy for Dad who never goes to meets, but has to for this one as the girls are competing on five apparatus on two different floors and according to the rotations they are never on the same floor at the same time!!! It is also capital cup warm up, so just working out whether it's the actaul routine or the warm up routine will be a challenge for the gym challenged Dad. I told him if they raise their arms to the judges tape!:D

Bigger Bog doesn't know but there are only 3 girls in her level and they are all from our gym!! The HC doesn't want them to know so they remain motivated. The other two girls are new to the level and are understandably stressed, however Bigger Bog doesn't seem to be bothered.

Baby Bog has 17 girls in her level and she is pretty much the youngest in the 10-12 yr group. The other teams are strong and they really keep them back so we often see perfection from them. I haven't seen BB do routines since May so who knows how she will do. She has all the skills and all the bonus skills, just that beam CW that is driving her crazy! But she is going to go for it even though she could take it out for a loss of 0.2 (a fall is 1.0 this season).

It will all be a mystery for me at awards as I won't have seen bars, vault, or tramp. Just hope they meet their goals and enjoy being with their team mates.

I'll let you know how it goes.
Good luck to the bog sisters! Can't wait to hear the report and video! Should be interesting with all the running around that will be happening! That must be a huge meet to have to use more than 1 floor for the competition! How exciting!!
OoOoh! Good luck tomorrow ladies!!

I hope they won't be too nervous with dad there. Though, they may relish the thought of him going to the meet and perform lights out for him!

I would be a nervous wreck if I had to worry about which gymmie is where and if I'd get to see the routines and if dad is gonna video the right one, lol! I'd leave the meet with an ulcer for sure! I don't know how you do it with two. I can barely stay composed for one!!

~Can't wait to see the video~

Sending good luck and have fun fairies to the Bog girls, video fairies to dad and "you go girl" fairies to mom! :D
Good luck to both of the Bogs! I'm sure it will be a meet to remember! Looking forward to your meet report and video.
Good luck to the Bogs!!! Can't wait to hear all about it. And love Baby Bogs attitude on beam. :) Hope you guys can get all the video. :)
That must be a huge meet to have to use more than 1 floor for the competition! How exciting!!

No it's a tiny flight, there are 5 levels/age groups competing, 35 girls in all. It is at a club that is so small it has it equipment on two different floors of the same building, hence the running around. There is one level with 1 girl in it!:D It will be very interesting to see how smoothly it runs.

We also just found out they are having heating problems, and as it is -26 celsius here right now that is NOT a good thing!!!:eek: I pulled out some hot paws heating packs for the girls to keep their hands warm.:p The joys of Quebec winters.
Sounds like you better make sure the battery is fully charged and you have plenty of tape for dad. My husband does not make any meets, but the one meet he went to last year he stood by my when I was taping beam. DD enjoyed being able to hear her dad saying "that's my girl, stay on, stay on, good job" since he usually doesn't come.

Hope it warms up. Sounds like it will be an interesting meet! Good luck to the girls.
Good Luck to all the Bogs !!!!

I will send the keep warm fairy sincei hate to be cold. And the 'please let hubby be able to tell the difference between warm-up & competition' fairy !!

Cannot wait to hear all about.
sending "keeping eyes peeled" fairies from one dad to another. It seems like we have been waiting forever for this meet. I am glad that it is finally here for you... Tell the Bogs good luck from Ohio...

That's right. Just make sure he doesn't miss that triple lutz.:)

You know he'd probably spend all night looking for it, though as he's Canadian maybe he knows his lutzes. He sure doesn't know his kips, though there called bascules here just to confuse more!

Thanks for all the good wishes, it will be nice to finally have something to share with you after you all sharing your kids so nicely. See haven't we learned to play nice here?:D

We were also told that the kids are not allowed to hug each other or shake hands at awards incase they have the HN1! FUnny all our club has been vaccinated, does that mean we can and the rest can't. It's the funniest thing I've heard all day, do they really think that'll help after they've all just shared the same equipment for two hours?:rotfl:
Its finally here!!!! Hooray for the girls... sending many, many good luck and have fun wishes to both girls!!:D Hope you guys have a fun and safe time Bog!
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