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Jan 17, 2008
Like so many of you this is the time of year where my DD (Lv7 working at Lv8) is working new skills. She really is dedicated to competing L8 this year after 2 years of L7.

Last year she has her Floor and beam skills for L8 but was terrified of the Tsuk. Finally after one tearful practice after another DH And I told her, there is no reason she has to go to 8.. she can stay as a 7 for another year...She had an good L7 year but has been worried about the skills this year.

Floor she is set on.. she has more than she needs to compete L8

Beam she is good. she has a connected flight series, she can do switch leaps on high beam, she has a jump series... it just needs to be cleaned up a little.

Bars - well she has fixed her giants and they are pretty! She is casting to handstand most routines, and she is even doing a piorette or two each practice!!!

which brings us to the dreaded vault.... She has been working Tsuk timers and timers and timers. Well Friday we got a new vault table, they put the vault table in front of our pit. She did one timer and then her coach asked her if she wanted to Flip the Tsuk... She said she did... after one more timer..She did it!!!!!

Her coach helped her a little bit but she did most of it herself!!!! She was so mad that practice ended.. she cant wait until she can go back and do more! I am not sure if she landed on her head in the pit but she said she didnt.. she said she had enough rotation that she got around!

She was lit up like a Christmas tree after practice, Happy, Proud and Said she had SO MUCH FUN doing the skill....

I got teary eyed.. because I love seeing her like that.. and it reminded me that THIS is why she does gymnastics!


That is so awesome. I love seeing the faces of gymnasts when they accomplish something they have been working so hard for.

gym monkeys mom

Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2007
Way to go Beetle!! We are so proud of you down here monkey girl and I!! We ad one level 8 lsast year not Tsuk all year untill the last meet. So I'm sure she will get it figured out before Dec.:vault:
Jul 12, 2007
These are the wonderful moments that make the frustrated moments we see our gymmies have now and again so worth while :D

congrats to your dd for having such a positive Friday! Summer is just beginning & I am sure there will be many more great times to come. Good luck to her as she prepares for L8!!!
Jan 17, 2008
Thank you for all the kind words..

She was frustrated today.. they had a full team practice, everyone was there and they ran late so she only got 2 touches on vault. No time to flip...But tomorrow she cant wait!
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