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Well, in the summer my gym has long practices from 8am until 4pm. I find it really hard getting up in the morning bec. im so sore from practice and just drained of energy, Im training level 9 so practice is really important. Is there any tips or advice on how to make it easier to get up in the morning?? Or Any advice on how to gain energy and stay awake???

Thanks all advice appriciated!:):):)
talk to your parents or coach about it if you are really getting that tired and sore. if you are really sore, take an ibuprofin or asprin. hope this helps!!
i have practice that's 8-1 and i have the same problem, what you have to do is go to bed really really early wake up like an hour before and eat RIGHT WHEN YOU WAKE UP!!! because it will help with the energy, also DO NOT DRINK COFFEE! the caffeine makes your bones brittle and makes you even more sore, so drink 5 hr energy or something if there is a real energy problem, also, get lots of vitamin C because you are really vulnerable to viruses and crap when u drain urself like that and it really sucks to be at the gym (or missing gym) cuz u r sick. idk if that helped but i hope it did!!
Holy Moses, 8-4?!? That's a really long time. Well... just make sure you're getting a good night's sleep. That's the most important thing energy-wise. Otherwise, make sure you're getting all the nutrients and vitamins you need. Eat balanced, healthy meals. Can you potentially take a granola bar or something, and eat that when you get a break during practice? I try to do that on my long days.

Good luck! Hang in there. ;)
Thanks for all your in put towards helping me! Please keep the tips or advice coming I really need your help.:)
8-4 is a really long time. at our gym we have practice 8-11 am. especially in the summer it can get really long and hot (especially at our gym). try just getting lots of sleep and don't hit the snooze button in the morning. it just makes you more tired. drink lots of water and try to eat a hot breakfast like oatmeal, eggs, or malt-o-meal. something simple is to go biking before practice. it actually really wakes you up if the weather is nice out. hope this can help!
minnesota girl!
wow, that is a really long time! Are you training every day?

Recovery is a very important part of high level training. Training is a big drain on your energy levels and you need to be able to replace the lost energy.
During recovery you even get to consolidate information you have taken in during training. If you are tired when training I think you ought to have a day or half day off - think about it - if you are tired, you are more likely to make mistakes and get injured.

I am really dubious as to whether you genuinely need to train that many hours in the first place. However, as others have said, make sure you get a good night's sleep. Eat slow release foods, like porage for breakfast. Have a soak in a bath each day after training (if possible) to help ease your muscles. Also make sure you cool down to release lactic acid from your muscles at the end of training.
Just in the summer we train from 8am to 4pm. 5 days a week mon, thro friday. Im training level 9. During the school year its just 5 hours for 6 days a week. :)

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