Coaches Trampolines and training?

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I just wanted to see what everyones thoughts were on using trampoline (including Tumble Trak) for training. I know everyone uses them, but to what extent? What do you think their training value is? What you do on them? Etc...

I mainly coach boys L4-6 and our developmental guys, and I use the tramps a lot! My biggest goal is building spatial awareness and body control, especially at the developmental level. I break up the trampoline time into "my time" and "open time". "My Time" on tramp means skills - BHS, FHS, BT/P/L, FT/L, Jumps (S/T/ST/P), etc. "Open time" means their choice.

You've got a great start for using trampolines. Tramps (including the tumble trak) can also be used to work on improving jumps, working drills, and as a means of relieving stress on the body when tumbling. They can also be used as a warm up--this would incorporate various skills (such as front tucks, etc) and cardio. When I was a gymnast we used to do a whole tumble trak warm up--that could be used for the level 6s, and there is one that can be modified for developmental and L4/5s.
I would like to use our trak & trampolines more for some bar skill drills, they are great for giant, pirouetting & tkachev's drills, but we just tend not to have the time nor do I have that many at that level. We do back drop twisting drills for twisting vaults as well. You can even work better "pop" for split jumps, switch-leaps & straddle jumps for beam.

We have all the trampoline types in our gym, but honestly we have such short practice times it's hard to make the best use of them and still get to all we need to work on events.

You can get by without, but it is so much more fun and interactive to have them about.
I know tramps are a must, but in a very small gym wher there is just one tramp, and no tumble trak, how would you handle learning tumbleing beyond L7?

We set up a minitramp with 3 8 inchers end to end for tumbling but it does suck the life right out of you.
About 2 years ago, I was at a gym that had 3 above ground string bed tramps. This made it useful and efficient to take an entire group to tramp. The past 2 gyms I've been at only have 1. Even if we rotate quickly, there is a lot of waiting for turns even if I can set up some side stations.

I rarely even bother taking any of my tumblers to trampoline anymore with 1 tramp. We use tumbl-trak a lot because we can fit more than 1 gymnast at a time and setup 2 different stations on a tumbl-trak at a time due to it's length.

However, I do believe tramp is very important to build that aerial awareness for release moves beginning with flyaways or just body awareness.

Quite often, I have my boys go to tramp if the area I want to go in the gym is taken and we can kill some time or if we just finished a hard event such as pommel horse or PB and need some recovery time.

For large groups, tumbl-trak can be cycled through more efficiently but it's not as good for developing aerial awareness or tramp skills like back and front drops, cruise, ball-outs, etc.

Our tumbl-trak is close enough to the UB that the HC likes to setup a tramp bar on it a lot as a side station.

Besides, boys love tramp time. If I murder them on the hard events, we can take it easy by doing some tramp time. Sometimes I do games, but games tend to take more time to explain and setup versus just hopping on tramp.
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