trampolining skills

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Feb 5, 2012
What trampolining skills can you do I can do

Tuck jump
Straddle jump
Pike jump
Half turn
Full turn
Swivel hips
Frontdrop halfturn out
I can do front flip, half turn jump, full turn, half twist, and a back tuck. Answer my question?
My 6 year old dd does rec trampolining and she can do the following:

Tuck Jump
Pike Jump
Straddle Jump
Half turn jump
Full turn jump
Seat Drop
Seat Drop return to feet
Seat Drop 1/2 turn return to feet

She is learning:
Front drop from hands and knees position
Front drop return to feet
Front drop from hands and knees return to feet
Seat drop swivel hips to seat drop
....holy thread necromancy batman.

Pretty sure the OP hasn't been seen for some time!
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lol...talking to the dead figuratively speaking...:)
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