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  1. Gymnastics15

    Xcel Gold help

    if you're a coach or a gymnast in Xcel gold you probably know about the new rule where you can't do two back hip circles on the same bar. So, I have to compete a double back hip circle but for some reason I get so dizzy I can't connect my squat on. Help my meet season is coming up!!
  2. gymnast.12

    WAG Are these ok for xcel gold?

    Floor: Round off backhandspring Front hand spring round off Full turn Split leap tuck jump Beam: Cartwheel Handstand Full turn Split jump straight jump Back tuck dismount Vault: Half on Bars: Kip Double back hip circle squat on tap swing half turn dismount
  3. D


    I am currently training as a xcel gold in summer training and competed xcel silver last season. I'd really like to move up to xcel gold and do well. These are my skills. Bars: Pullover Back hipcircle frount hipcircle squat on jump to high bar tap swing quarter turn dismount Beam: handstand...
  4. N

    Coaches Xcel Gold Bar Routine

    Would a Kip, cast, double back hip circle, squat on, tap swing, tap swing flyaway fit all the requirements for xcel gold?
  5. D

    WAG Xcel Gold

    Hello ChalkBucket Community, Im going to be competing Xcel gold this season and this will be my second season competing. Id really like to have high scores and make it to regionals. If anybody has any suggestions on how i can get better, improve my scores, and...
  6. D

    WAG Xcel gold

    So I’m going to be competing xcel gold and I cant make my front tuck is there anything else I can do
  7. leighselrayne

    WAG Platinum or Gold?

    Hi everyone! So this is something my coaches and I have been thinking about for a while and whether I should be in Gold or Platinum. I competed Silver last year and before you say that it's not possible to skip a level I'm pretty sure I could score out of gold or something similar. I have had...
  8. G

    Anon Moving up to Gold or staying in Silver?

    I am a 7th grader who was a first-year Silver last season. I was the highest-scoring gymnast on my team and placed very well at States (and missed Regionals by a hair!!!) Because of this, my coaches think that I could do Gold if I am up for the challenge. My beam and bars are ready for Gold...
  9. F

    WAG Do I have the skills for gold

    I was a silver last year, and I want to move to gold next season. Here are my skills Vault: FHS over table Decent half on over table Bars: Pullover Inconsistent kip Back hip circle Cast to horizontal Squat on Jump to high bar Long hang pullover Sole circle Beam: Handstand Cartwheel Back...
  10. Gymnast2009

    WAG Xcel gold casts

    In xcel gold, do all my casts have to be above horizontal on bars or can just one. I have to bend my arms to cast high enough and would like to only do that once and then have small straight arm casts.
  11. R

    Parents Xcel Gold Requirements

    Is a kip required for bars in Xcel Gold? Does a ROBHS count in Gold as a connecting acre skill?
  12. emiluvsss

    do i have the skills for gold?

    im currently a rec gymnast but i think i have the skill level for excel gold im. ot sure though. i have a aerial on the floor, a front handspring,close to getting a back handspring . im working on 1/2 on vaults i have it on a mat stack right now. on bars i have a good back hip circle and im...
  13. A

    Anon Xcel gold to Xcel platinum struggle?

    Do you feel that there is a big jump in scoring requirements from xcel gold to xcel platinum? If one struggled with the jump from silver to gold but then scored well when repeating gold, would you expect a similar struggle when moving from gold to platinum?
  14. iLUVgymnastics:)

    Off Topic my current xcel silver skills to move up to gold

    Floor- round off back handspring, Round off double back handspring (I can do it on tumble track. I used to do it on the floor a lot but lost my RO BHS completely. I got my RO BHS back about a few weeks ago. So I am working on RO BHS BHS so I can start working on back tucks again ), Front...
  15. everydaygymnastics

    WAG Go for gold or repeat silver

    Hi, I habe been doing gymnastics for a little less then 2 years. I started in May of 2021. In June of 2022, I tried out for pre team and made it. I stayed in pre team for around 3-4 months, from June to October. I moved to Xcel Bronze in October 2022, and did my first meet in December. I got 3rd...
  16. everydaygymnastics

    WAG Xcel Gold Skills

    Hi. I am a Xcel silver gymnast. I just moved up from bronze in January, but I might move to gold next year. My gym is going to an unsanctioned meet on may 7 and we have a chance at competing at a higher level. I know I need my back tuck on floor, but I don’t know what other skills I need. Here...
  17. joeyb1503

    Parents Xcel Gold Regionals area 5

    Hi, new to the gymnastics scene. My daughter is on xcel gold. How do I know if she is on Allstar team or the state team at regionals coming up?She finished 1st in her session (junior E) at state but, finished 10th combined with all the child , junior, and senior sessions.
  18. iLUVgymnastics:)

    WAG Is my current silver routine skills be used for gold

    This summer would like to go to silver to gold. These are some skills I have in my current floor routine Turn- full turn Tumble pass 1- Roundoff back handspring Leap pass sissonne, chasse, leap, 1/2 straight jump Tumble pass 2- Side aerial Is my tumble passes enough for gold or do I have to...
  19. Gymnast2009

    WAG Beam excel gold

    I need tips on my full turn on beam. I am having a mental block after turning fine for weeks and I can’t remember how I have been doing it. I don’t like it anymore cuz now I feel like my toes are off the edge of beam and I’m gonna split so I bail. And anlso for excel gold I know there is a jump...
  20. gymnast.12

    WAG tumbling passes for xcel gold

    so im in xcel gold and i need help on my robhs in my robhs my arms always bend (not that much but enough for me to feel it) no matter how hard I block I think its an issue with my arms coming apart because I don't think I'm too weak or if I am can you give me conditioning tips? i can almost do a...

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