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May 22, 2009
At the Gym!
ok so I'm a level seven but will be moving up to level eight next year(its not an option for me not to) and im a14year old in 9th grade.
I WANTED to do college gymnastics, but i read a thread talking about age and was wondering if I'M to old to eventually be a college gymnast. :(
Maybe, maybe not - it's impossible to say from that info. What matters more than level and age provided you still have four years is what skills you have now and what potential you have to get D skills and C+C connections or a 10 SV vault. It is not necessarily an impossibility, for a walk-on. But there are many factors at play. A scholarship would probably be somewhat unrealistic. And it matters that your coaches know what the requirements are, how to support the recruiting process, and teach the skills you would need. Also, on this tight timeline, avoiding injury would of course play a big role.

Also keep in mind that there are many collegiate club teams that compete, and you could do that too. And you can stay involved by coaching.

Good luck. Try to have fun with it. Talk to your coaches about your goals ASAP so they can do their part too. If they don't know how important it is to you, they can't do all they can to help.
Kyra im in the same boat as you and i need to aswell talk to my coaches about what i want to do, so i dont have much advice but if you love gymnastics you will be doing it in college whether it be the NCAA team or the club team, it mater not.
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